Are All Snakes Carnivores?

Like all other animals, snakes need food to survive and can only tolerate certain things. So, you might want to know if all snakes are carnivores and whether they eat things like grass, leaves, and vegetables.

All snakes are carnivores, and most of a snake’s diet consists of animals (both dead and alive). They can eat a wide variety of animals, including mice and insects. Snakes need to eat animals to survive because that’s how they get their nutrients. They get ill if they eat fruits or vegetables. 

A snake’s diet is an interesting topic, so you should read this article to learn more. I will discuss what a snake’s diet looks like and whether or not snakes eat other reptiles (including other snakes).

What Do Snakes Eat?

Snakes eat many animals, but the diet often depends on the snake species. For example, pythons are more likely to eat mammals like antelope and monkeys. Vipers, on the other hand, are more likely to eat lizards and eggs. Pythons generally don’t eat eggs because they’re too small.

Here is a general idea of what most snakes consume:

  • Rodents, including mice and rats
  • Insects
  • Worms
  • Bats
  • Fish

Can a Snake’s Diet Contain Fruit and Vegetables?

A snake’s diet shouldn’t contain fruit and vegetables because these foods make them ill. Snakes can’t digest fruit and vegetables properly. If you try to give a snake any of these foods, it will likely get sick or feel unwell. 

They also can’t eat plants, including leaves and grass, because their bodies can’t digest them–that’s why you’ll never see a snake eating plants in the wild.

Can Snakes Eat Other Reptiles?

Snakes can eat other reptiles, especially lizards. And although most snakes don’t eat other snakes, it can happen. Not all snakes eat reptiles, but many will if they are readily available. It’s more common for snakes to eat rodents and other animals than reptiles.

Are Snakes Cannibals?

Not all snakes are cannibals, but some species are more inclined to eat each other. For example, cape cobras sometimes eat their own species, particularly males. While it does happen, it’s an uncommon occurrence in snakes. They will usually only eat each other if they are desperate and there are no alternatives.

Can Snakes Eat Fried Meats?

Even though snakes are carnivores and need meat from other animals to survive, they can’t eat fried meat. Their digestive systems won’t be able to process oil and other ingredients in the fried meat, so it will probably make them ill. In fact, you should avoid cooking meat entirely if you want to feed it to a snake.

Raw Meat Is Best for Snakes

Unlike humans, snakes won’t get sick from eating raw meat. They eat raw meat from dead and live animals in the wild, so they have no issue eating it in any situation. 

Even raw chicken is safe for snakes; it might be dangerous for humans, but snakes’ bodies function entirely differently and won’t get salmonella poisoning from raw chicken or meat.

Can Snakes Eat Humans?

Some snakes eat humans, but it’s extremely rare. The only snakes that can eat humans are giant ones, like reticulated pythons. Since reticulated pythons can grow longer than 16 feet (5 meters), they have plenty of body capacity to swallow humans whole. 

When snakes eat humans or anything else, they don’t chew because they don’t have teeth. Instead, their stomach acid breaks down the food once ingested.


All snakes are carnivores, meaning they need meat from other animals to survive. Examples of foods they eat include:

  • Rodents
  • Insects
  • Worms 
  • Bats

Snakes can’t eat fruits or vegetables because their bodies can’t digest them properly. Eating too many of these foods can make a snake ill.

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