10 Best Automatic Turtle Feeder – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Having brought your turtle home from the pet shop, their happiness and health become your priority. Turtles make great pets because they require less attention, and the maintenance cost makes them even more endearing.

One thing they need, like all other pets, is food. The only inconvenience now is you have to feed them every day, especially for people who lead a hectic life.

Automatic feeders can prevent obesity in turtles because each food portion is measured and well-balanced for healthy growth. The truth is that the market offers way too many feeders, making it hard to choose the best.

To choose the best product, we have compiled this guide for you on what you need to consider for the best automatic feeders, the best products to buy right now, and much more. Read on with us.

The Best Automatic Turtle Feeder

We conducted research and used personal reviews and expert recommendations to select some of the best automatic turtle feeders. The following are the top 10 automatic turtle feeders we have found. All provide the best features for the price. Make sure you choose the right one for you.

Zacro Automatic Turtle Feeder

Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder - Rechargeable Timer Fish Food Dispenser with USB Charger Cable, for Aquarium or Fish Tank

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as of 03/19/2024 3:37 am

Zacro automatic turtle feeders have rechargeable batteries and a USB power supply for extended use so that you can leave your pet turtle with a regular supply of food. The 200ml capacity feed bucket can hold granules and flakes for your small turtle enough for a few days.

Zacro relies on the feeder can increase the number of feeding revolutions per feeding to increase the amount of food it dispenses for your turtle. The intelligent design allows you to set the feeding schedule for up to four feedings a day. You can also control the size of the food disposal opening from a third of an inch to one inch if you have chunkier turtle food. Alternatively, you can set the feeding to a manual trigger. The package includes a mounting vice to attach the feeder to your turtle’s aquarium.


  • 200 ml food reservoir.
  • Features accurate programming that runs automatically.
  • Manual feeding option.
  • Total control on the amount of food being dispensed each day.


  • The setup is quite sizeable, and you will need to mount it onto the turtle tank secretly, a process that might require a batter clamp than the one included.

Lukovee Automatic Turtle Feeder

Lukovee Automatic Fish Feeder,New Generation Feeding Time Display USB Rechargeable Timer Moisture-Proof Aquarium or Fish Tank Food Dispenser with 200ML Large Capacity for Vacation Weekend Holiday,Blue

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as of 03/19/2024 3:37 am

The Lukovee automatic turtle feeder is the answer to all your turtle feeding needs while you are away. Its accurate time count allows you to set up to three feedings per day and specify up to three windings with each feeding. The 700mAh battery can provide enough power to keep the feeder operational for up to six months, and it only takes four hours to recharge fully.

Unlike other turtle feeders, you will have no problem topping off; simply pop the hatch at the top of the food bucket. You can also set the size of the feed door to control how much food gets released from the silo with each winding. Due to its lightweight design, you can use this feeder with various tank sizes. If you have an open-top turtle tank, you can use the holder to clamp down on a wall, or you can use a double-sticker that’s included to stick the feeder onto the tank cover.


  • 200 ml food capacity can hold enough food for your turtle over the weekend.
  • Programmable feeding schedule.
  • Can fit granules, pellets, flakes, and strip turtle foods.
  • The 700mAh battery is rechargeable via USB and can last for months on a single carnage.


  • When you power off the unit, it wipes out the local time and preset feeding schedule as it doesn’t have a memory function.

Ycozy Automatic Turtle Feeder

Ycozy Automatic Fish Feeder Rechargeable with USB Cable Moisture-Proof Intelligent Electric Fish/Turtle Feeder for Aquarium & Fish Tank Intelligent Timer Fish Food Dispenser for Vacation | Navi-EV

$17.99  in stock
as of 03/19/2024 3:37 am

Turtle owners will love the upgraded rechargeable Ycozy automatic turtle feeder with up to 6 months of battery life. The feeder is easy to operate with only five buttons. You can trigger the manual feeding option or set either 12hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours feeding schedules ideal for turtles.

When it’s time to refill the food bucket, you won’t have to take down the entire setup. Simply pop off the top and top off. The hopper is also moisture resistant to keep your turtle food dry and prevent jamming. You can also adjust the outlet level to fit various foods ranging from pellets to flakes and crumbles.

Ycozy includes a free clamp to attach the feeder to your reptile’s tank and a double-sided acrylic adhesive in case you want to attach it to a top cover. This product has a twelve-month warranty and lifetime customer service support.


  • The automatic controls are easy to use.
  • Up to 6 months of use on a single recharge.
  • Nine outlet levels to adjust according to the size of the treats.
  • Features LED lights that indicate battery power and timer.


  • It’s impossible to increase the number of windings the feeder performs during each feeding schedule.

Lychee Automatic Turtle Feeder

[Upgrade] WiFi Control Automatic Fish Feeder with APP Lychee Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder, WiFi Control Auto Fish Food Dispenser for Home Office (Black)

$25.99  in stock
as of 03/19/2024 3:37 am

Lychee automatic turtle feeders take the remote feeding concept to a whole new level with the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi control feature. You can use their app to control how much food the device dispenses and even trigger remote feeding on the go. This turtle feeder has adjustable timer functions allowing you to accurately monitor how often it feeds your turtle while you are away.

The app also supports voice commands to activate manual feeding. If the turtle feeder loses Wi-Fi connectivity, it will still feed your turtle automatically according to the previous schedule. The power outage also won’t interfere with your turtle’s feeding schedule as the feeder has an internal battery that can keep the unit powered for at least a month.


  • Wi-Fi control for remote feeding.
  • The package includes a mounting clip and Velcro strip, depending on your tank style.
  • You can manually adjust the food outlet.


  • Some customers complained about connectivity issues with the app.

Decdeal Automatic Turtle Food Dispenser

Automatic Fish Feeder, Aquarium Tank Feeding Timer Fish Food Dispenser Adjustable Outlet, App Control Voice Control, Compatible with Alexa.

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as of 03/19/2024 3:37 am

Decdeal automatic turtle food dispenser provides a convenient way to control your turtle feeder from your smartphone. The flexible time settings allow you to make automatic feeding schedules for feeding your turtle over the weekend.

Decdeal food dispensers have adjustable food outlets, and they are compatible with smart home devices such as Echo and Amazon Alexa. The intelligent memory function allows the dispenser to continue working without any network connection. You can also specify how many times you want the feeder to cycle through in each feeding schedule to increase the amount of food it dispenses, especially if you have multiple turtles in the tank.


  • Includes a mounting bracket that fits aquariums with a maximum width of 35mm.
  • You can connect to the feeder via wifi and control it on the smartphone app.
  • Has 175 m food capacity that’s enough to keep a small turtle fed while you are away.
  • The feed exit is adjustable to fit flaky foods up to 15mm wide.


  • Some customers complained about Wi-Fi connectivity issues with the feeder.

Noodoky Auto Turtle Food Dispenser

Noodoky USB Charging Automatic Fish Feeder, Auto Fish Food Feeder Timer Dispenser for Aquarium or Small Fish Turtle Tank, Auto Feeding on Vacation or Holidays

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as of 03/19/2024 3:37 am

The Noodoky food dispenser will feed your turtle while on vacation or holidays. It uses a USB charging port to recharge the internal battery, which can last up to 6 months on a single charge. In terms of automation, you can customize the feeding time and change the number of revolutions performed during each feeding.

If you are in a hurry, you can long-press the up or down buttons for five seconds to automatically set eight or twelve-hour feeding schedules. A manual feeding option is also available. You will have an easy time fixing this food dispenser onto your turtle’s tank either using the 360-degree adjustable clamp or the double-sided sticker that’s also provided.

The 200 m capacity feeding bucket is also easily refillable through the top opening instead of taking apart the entire setup. The food dispenser has an adjustable slider that can regulate the amount of food being released into the turtle tank.


  • The adjustable clamp supports tank glass walls with up to 1.3 inches in thickness.
  • It has an adjustable food slider to change the size of the opening depending on the thickness of the turtle food.
  • Quick trigger feeding schedules for 8- and 12-hours cycles.


  • If the batteries run out of charge, you will have to reset the clock and feeding schedules.

FYD Automatic Turtle Feeder

FYD Automatic Fish Feeder - Aquarium Electric Auto Fish Feeder for Small Fish Tank Food Fish Feeder Automatic Dispenser, Adjustable Fish Food Vacation Timer Feeder, Battery-Operated Feeders

$15.99  in stock
as of 03/19/2024 3:37 am

Meet the FYD automatic turtle feeder with auto and manual feeding triggers. You can rest assured that your pet turtle gets their meals on time. You can adjust the auto-schedule to trigger either once or twice per day.

This unit is powered by two batteries that can last up to three months, although they are not rechargeable. The food outlet can fit various sizes ranging from flakes to pellets and small strips that are ideal for your small turtle. The feeding bin also doesn’t have to come out when topping up the food. Just use the feed opening at the top. This design also prevents clogging up the dispenser with moisturized feed, which can encourage mold growth around the opening.


  •  The package comes with a double-sided sticker and an adjustable clamp base to fix the setup onto your turtle tank.
  • You can refill the food bin without taking apart the entire setup.
  • Easy to set up and operate.


  • The batteries are non-rechargeable.

Hygger Large Programmable Turtle Food Dispenser

hygger Large Programmable Auto Pond Feeder with LCD Display Controller Automatic Fish Food Feeding Dispenser Outdoor Koi Fish Feeder 5.5 L Capacity

$119.99  in stock
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as of 03/19/2024 3:37 am

If you have an adult turtle that needs significantly large amounts of food per day, then the Hygger large programmable turtle food dispenser is your go-to choice. With its 5.5-liter food capacity, you can rest assured that your turtle will have enough food for a couple of days or even weeks.

The automatic feeder can dispense food on a set schedule with up to six cycles per day. You can use the LCD controller to adjust how many portions you want it to dispense per day, with each lasting up to 8 seconds. A manual feeding option is also available.

Hygger includes a 16-foot long electric cable to hook up the unit to your power outlets. You will need to mount the feeder along the edge of the tank as it’s too heavy to clamp down. This feeder is constructed with ABS plastic and water-resistant metal, and it can withstand outdoor use.


  • Large food capacity that can sustain a turtle for more than a week.
  • Programmable feeding schedule with up to six cycles.
  • Precise food rations.


  • The feeder is too heavy to mount onto the turtle tank, and you will need to have an external support mechanism to mount it on.

Topbry Automatic Turtle Feeder

TOPBRY Automatic Fish Feeder,【Upgraded Version】 Digital Auto Fish Turtle Feeder for Aquarium and Fish Tank, USB Rechargeable Timer Fish Feeder Fish Food Dispenser

$25.98  in stock
as of 03/19/2024 3:37 am

The TopBry automatic turtle feeder features a 700mAh rechargeable battery that can keep the feeder operational for up to six months on a single charge. Upon powering up the feeder, you will set a feeding cycle and feeding time, after which the unit will automatically carry out the presets.

The 200ml food capacity is suitable for tiny turtles and is enough to keep[ them well fed over the weekend. You can install the feeder on a pedestal or paste it onto the double-sided sticker and mount it to the tank cover. In terms of food amounts, you can set the feeder to do up to three rotations with each feeding schedule to increase the amount of food released into the tank.


  • The feeding outlet is adjustable to keep up with the turtle food needs.
  • You can customize the number of cycles the feeder can perform with each feeding schedule.


  • Some customers complain that the programmable settings were too complicated to work with.

Zoo Med Turtlematic Feeder

ZOO MED Laboratories INC Turtlematic Automatic Daily Turtle Feeder

$32.59  in stock
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as of 03/19/2024 3:37 am

Zoo Med’s Turtlematic feeder automatically dispenses turtle food with flexible schedules. During the initial setup, you can specify your local time zone, and the feeder will automatically apply a 12-hour sleep function during nighttime to avoid turtle food wastage.

The Turtlematic feeder can be mounted anywhere on your turtle’s tank, and the adjustable clamp can rotate 360 degrees for easier refilling. It’s also compatible with the company’s turtle food bottles which you can screw directly onto the feeder top to increase food capacity.

Attaching an air pump onto the side-mounted port will provide positive air pressure to keep the food flowing down into the tank while reducing humidity that can cause fungal and bacterial growth in the food bucket. This turtle feeder uses three AA batteries that are included, but you will have to replace them when they run out of charge as they are non-rechargeable.


  • Automatically feeds your turtle daily.
  • A 12-hour sleep function prevents food wastage at night.
  • You can attach a bigger container via the feeder top.


  • Some customers complained about the suction cups not sticking on very well to the tanks.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider for Best Automatic Turtle Feeder

To choose the best automatic feeder for your turtle tank, there are a few factors you should consider. Additionally, there are specific features to look for to ensure you are getting the right product for your needs.

Read on the factors to consider when choosing the best automatic feeder for your turtle tank.


One of the significant concerns with automatic turtle feeders is they are prone to malfunctioning. This can be risky when you are away as the turtle can miss meals. Without enough food and nutrition for an extended period, the turtle can suffer severely.

In addition, automatic turtle feeders are known to release more food than the turtle actually needs, which can leave the turtle overweight if this goes for long enough.

Purchasing a feeder you can trust to deliver the right amount of food consistently is paramount. Ensure you get a well-rated device from a well-reputed brand and with proven users reviews of being reliable.


If you must refill the feeder every day, there’s actually no good reason you should have it. To make it good enough, a feeder needs to offer enough capacity to be able to dispense food for several days at least.

Most brands will display their feeder’s capacity in millimeters, so you can use this to judge how long the feeder’s capacity can carry one.

That said, you should aim for over 100 ml as this is a good capacity for a turtle feeder, and even most of the options in our list of top 10 automatic turtle feeders feature more products with at least this capacity.

Some automated feeders are even more extensive than that, such as the one from Zacro. The device offers an impressive capacity of 200 ml and is one of the best choices to cater to your turtles if you are going to spend extended periods away from your pet.


The ability to dispense food for your turtle when needed is a huge factor when choosing a suitable automatic turtle feeder.

Some feeders cater to the turtle at an exact minute, while others offer one or two feedings per day without choosing the time this occurs. The key is to find a balance between the level of programmability and budget.

Apart from this, you also need to consider if it’s possible to program how much food is dispersed. People with larger tanks may not find this much of a concern.

However, if you have one or two tiny turtles in a small tank, many of these feeders may dispense way too much food for your turtles.


Most automatic feeders range from $15 to $50. Considering the high price of tanks and turtles, this is a fair price.

You also need to consider how much it costs to hire someone to come to your house and feed the turtle when you are not home. You might realize that the feeder is likely to pay itself in one weekend.

Number of feeding options and slots

Alongside the feeder’s capacity, you also need to consider the number of feeding slots available on a feeder. Some feeders do not have a slot.

They have a drum system for feeding instead. Those that employ a slot system should have at least ten compartments which may be insufficient for the turtle.

Be sure to check whether the slots are large enough to pass larger foods effortlessly. If the food gets stuck, it might be dangerous and increase your cleaning work as well.

You also need to consider the feeding options. The best automatic feeders will offer both manual and automatic feeding options. For most of the time, you’ll be using the auto settings and can allocate feeding times remotely.

However, you might want to give the turtle an instant meal. Here’s where the manual option comes in handy to instantly release some food.

Ease of use

Also, the suitable automatic turtle feeder needs to be easy to set up and use. If the device is too complicated, it means you might make a mistake, meaning it might not deliver the food at the right time or at all. Most automatic feeders use a simple LCD screen with easy-to-use buttons to make programming straightforward.

To be safe, make sure you can understand how a turtle feeder works and how to set it up before purchasing. The LCD of the Ycozy turtle feeder is arguably the easiest one to read.

As for attaching the feeder to your turtle tank, most of them come with an adjustable clamp that lets you mount the feeder on the side of the tank. Some may also come with additional attachments for support, such as a Velcro patch to stick your feeder on the edge of the tank.

Make sure to check the build quality of these components to ensure they are strong enough to hold the feeder in place. The last thing you want is for the feeder to loosen and fall back into the water when you are not around.


If turtle pellets stay in the feeder for too long, they might absorb moisture, soak and become stale. This may not be the best and can make your turtle ill. You can mitigate this by purchasing an automatic feeder with an efficient ventilation system or a fan. We recommend both. This way, the food stays fresh and moist, and your turtle will love it.

If the turtle feeder has all you need but lacks a ventilation system, you can take it but make sure it has the facility to incorporate an air pump. For such feeders, you might have to purchase an air pump separately.

Food types

An automatic feeder for turtles is mainly used to dish out pellets. That’s why the vast majority (all in our list) can be used to hold pellets. If you intend to be diverse, double-check whether a feeder can hold other food types such as krill sticks and fish flakes if you intend to be diverse.


It’s also crucial to consider the size of the automatic feeder you choose for your turtle. Most of the feeders are relatively compact, but it’s best to be sure. Depending on the size of your pet, you don’t want to choose one that’s too big for your small turtle or one that’s too small for multiple turtles in one tank.


This is obvious, but you need to trust that the device will feed your turtle in your absence. Remember you’ll be gone for days, so you want a feeder that can do its work perfectly. Therefore, you need a reliable system you can trust. 

A faulty feeder means it can crash and expose your turtle to starvation, overfeeding, and even death.

Check to see the company’s reputation and what reviews say about the product. You can even conduct a run test just to be sure. In other words, you should buy a feeder you can trust and one that won’t malfunction.


If you are buying a turtle feeder that can sustain your turtle for several days, you have to choose a turtle feed with sufficient power. The worst that could happen is the device running out of charge while no one is home.

Most automatic feeders use battery power, such as AA or AAA batteries. Rechargeable versions might be slightly more expensive but could help to keep the costs down.

A good feeder should also notify you of the power level and especially when it’s running low. Most of the turtle automatic feeders on this list have the low battery warning feature that alerts you when the batteries are about to die.

Ensure the feeder uses conspicuous alerts that are easy to identify to avoid confusion.

What are the Benefits of an Automatic Turtle Feeder?


Experienced turtle owners understand the need for a good routine of eating. It keeps your turtle healthy and happy because turtles thrive on routine. You need to estimate the amount of food your turtle will need and ensure they get the food at the exact same time every day.

But let’s agree, we are prone to making mistakes as humans, and we can find ourselves held up in other businesses.

With an automatic turtle feeder that’s dedicated to your turtle alone, this is possible. Your turtle eats at the same time it usually does and maintains a great routine.

Carefree holidays

Another underrated benefit of an automatic feeder is it relieves you of the burden of feeding the turtle in person. You just need to set your automatic turtle feeder and leave the rest to it.

Just ensure you test the feeder a few days to know how effective it does the job. If it’s perfect, you can head over to your holidays and work for days without worries.


If you don’t have a feeder and your neighbor is unavailable, you may need to hire someone to do the job. This will be far costlier than purchasing an automatic feeder for your turtle.

Just buy one, set it up, and leave it home for a number of days without the hassle of paying someone. Better yet, the feeder can be used over and over for your upcoming holidays or work. With the device, you come back home to a completely happy turtle that missed you.

What are the Downsides of an Automatic Turtle Feeder?

Of course, there are a few disadvantages of automatic turtle feeders. Like any machine, there’s a chance that your turtle feeder malfunctions and stops working.

The good thing is turtles are tough and can survive for weeks without eating. Still, it can be detrimental to your turtle’s health if they stay long enough without food.

Moreover, if you depend on an automatic turtle feeder, you may not be aware of how much your turtle is eating.

Sometimes the turtle overeats, and you may not notice. Also, when the turtle is ill, you might not catch it early enough based on the changes in appetite.

To avoid all these, you need to keep a keen eye on your turtle to ensure they are eating the right amount.

Signs of illness to look for include a discharge from their eyes, ears, and nose. Other signs include a loss of appetite and lethargy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Can Turtles Go Without Food?

It depends on various factors. For instance, an adult turtle can go for months without food because they are already nutritionally full and well-grown. But this is common in the wild. In captivity, your turtle should not get starved if you want him to remain healthy and boost his lifespan.

On the other hand, juvenile turtles can only survive for one or two weeks without food. Remember, they are still growing and need lots of proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients.

An automatic turtle feeder comes in handy to cater for feeding when you are not at home with your turtle.

How Often Should You Feed a Turtle?

It also depends on various factors, such as age. Young turtles need to eat more frequently than adults due to their higher metabolism.

Besides, they need more protein than adults for growth. As they age, turtles become vegetarian, and the food requirements reduce. You can feed adult turtles above seven years of age twice a week or once in three days.

How Much Should I Feed a Turtle Every Day?

There are two theories on how much you should feed the turtle a day. Some say you should feed the turtle as much as they can eat in 15 – 20 minutes.

While others say, you should feed a portion of food that’s equivalent to the size of a turtle’s head. Both methods work, but you also need to consider this ratio.

Juvenile Turtles

  • 25% of their diet as pellets
  • 50% of the diet as veggies
  • 25% of the diet as other food items, e.g., shrimp and fishes

Young Adult Turtles

  • 75% of the diet as veggies
  • 25% of the diet as pellets and other food items like fishes and shrimps.

Can I Leave my Turtle for a Week?

Yes. Your turtle should be fine if left for a week. However, this isn’t advisable because water changes may be needed. Besides, the aquarium may malfunction in your absence and put your turtle at risk.

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