Can Bearded Dragons Drink Tap Water? (Full Guide)

As a bearded dragon owner, you need to make sure that your pet is always hydrated. Bearded dragons need to drink enough water every day. These reptiles can drink from the water bowl when trained. But can bearded dragons drink tap water? Keep on reading to learn more about whether tap water is safe or not for your pet.

Can Bearded Dragons Drink Tap Water?

Yes, beardies can drink tap water. Although bottled water is better for them. Tap water contains chlorine and other minerals. It’s best to use some water conditioner for reptiles. That will help protect your bearded dragon from getting sick. Like other animals, they need to have access to fresh water as well.

Even if bearded dragons can drink tap water, experts suggest purifying it first. You can use a water filter or water conditioner. Doing so will remove the chemicals, certain minerals, and other additives.

Some of them can be harmful to beardies. When they consume unfiltered tap water, bearded dragons may have some health issues over time.

However, your local water supply may include harmful substances. It depends on your location so it’s better to be careful. Tap water is different from the water bearded dragons are used to drink in the wild. It’s treated with chlorine and other chemicals.

Where Are Bearded Dragons Originated?

Bearded dragons originally came from the Australian desert. They were able to adapt to that type of environment. Fresh water is essential for their survival like any other animal. Water it’s not abundant in those regions. Bearded dragons should still be provided with water in captivity to stay healthy.

In the wild, bearded dragons adapted to their dry natural environment. They were able to hydrate themselves from insects and plants they eat.

When in captivity, they also do the same. But you should still provide them with fresh and clean water daily. Most beardie owners offer tap water for their pets.

Bearded dragons can drink tap water but it’s best to have it treated first. If you want to know if the water in your area is safe, you can contact local authorities and ask them to be sure.

Is Tap Water Safe for Bearded Dragons?

It depends on the place and the source of water. Tap water normally contains fluoride and chlorine. Luckily, these chemicals are not harmful to them but they may not be safe for bearded dragons. It’s better to check first with the local authorities if the tap water in your area is safe for your pet or not.

If you’re not sure about the tap water where you live, it’s best to go for the filtered water. It’s hard to just trust the tap water in your area if you’re not confident if it’s safe.

If it’s going to harm your beardie, it’s better to just find another source of water. That way, you can make sure that your beardie will be fine.

Filtered or bottled water with a water conditioner is way better than tap water. It’s the best water for your bearded dragon. This method will keep your pet healthy.

Why Hydration is Important for Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons have to stay hydrated since mild dehydration can cause health issues for them. These conditions include excessive or partial shedding, gout, constipation, and kidney disease. Beardies need to keep hydrating to avoid these health concerns.

When bearded dragons are in brumation, they still have to stay hydrated. It’s a state of hibernation for reptiles. Even if they don’t need to drink and eat much during this period, it’s still best to provide them with the hydration they need.

However, when beardies drink excessive water it’s also bad for them. Too much water can lead to some health issues such as diarrhea. In the wild, bearded dragons are not always hydrated. That’s why their lifespan is shorter out there.

How to Calculate Bearded Dragons Water Intake?

The bearded dragons water requirements should be equal to 0.1 milliliters per gram of their body weight. That’s the amount of water you should give your bearded dragon.

Water requirements depend on the beardie’s age and size. It means, if the bearded dragon is older and bigger, it needs to have more water. The average adult dragon with a weight of 500 grams only needs about 5ml in 24 hours. It’s not a lot but it should be enough for them.

Additionally, beardies can also get water from the food they eat. You can include that on your pet’s water intake. Based on the calculation, the water a bearded dragon needs daily is only two teaspoons.

Their age should not exempt them from drinking water aside from their food. Baby bearded dragons need to drink water like juveniles and adults too.

Most pet bearded dragons seem to dislike drinking water on their own. It can be worrisome for bearded dragon owners.

Offering your pet water in a bowl doesn’t mean it will drink from it automatically. Unlike other domesticated pets, bearded dragons will ignore it until they decide to drink from it.

How Much Water Bearded Dragons Need?

Weight (Grams)Water Needed (ml)
20        0.2

How to Encourage Bearded Dragons to Drink Water?

You need to encourage your bearded dragon to drink water to avoid dehydration. They will not drink water if you don’t train them. You should teach your beardie how to drink water. There are some tips and tricks that you can always apply.

1. Moving Water

Create moving water for your bearded dragon since they are attracted to it. Moving water will catch their attention when they feel thirsty. Try spraying water around the beardie’s enclosure. Let it drip down to their water bowl to see if your pet will notice it.

2. Spray Water in Your Hand

Before spraying water on your hand, make sure it’s clean. You also have to ensure that you’re not doing this after you just bathe your bearded dragon. Allow your bearded dragon to watch while you spray water in your hand.

3. Bathing the Beardie

Bearded dragons drink water and hydrate themselves while taking a bath. Although it’s not guaranteed that they do this all the time. Bearded dragons only need a small amount of water every day. If your pet didn’t drink from the water bowl, try bathing it.

Is Tap Water Dangerous for Bearded Dragons?

Yes, Tap water can be dangerous for your bearded dragon because it contains different chemicals and additives. It includes fluoride, chlorine, and other heavy metals. Although you may never know what else is included in your tap water.

The best solution is to use a water conditioner to make tap water safe for your beardie. It can detoxify the water and get rid of harmful chemicals.

Water conditioners can be purchased in local pet store or even online. It’s also inexpensive yet effective when it comes to making the water safe for beardies.

Another way to ensure your bearded dragon is safe is to give it filtered bottled water. The harmful chemicals are already filtered and safe for your pet to drink. But using a water conditioner will allow you to do the process yourself.

That will give you peace of mind knowing that the water is safe to drink.

bearded dragons

Do Bearded Dragons Need Fresh Water?

Yes, bearded dragons need to have access to freshwater all the time if possible to avoid health problems.

In the wild, beardies can get water from insects and plants. But in captivity, their owners should provide them with fresh water every day.

Bearded dragons are known as free-roaming reptiles. It means that you may have to do water changes a few times a day.

They may also defecate or drag food in the water bowl. In addition, they might also bathe in the water so keep it clean. Avoid deep and oversized water bowls to avoid the risk of your pet drowning.

How to Train Bearded Dragons to Drink in the Water Bowl?

First, you need to provide a large bowel for your bearded dragon. There are plenty of designs out there to choose from. Just keep in mind to keep it shallow to ensure their safety.

Usually in the wild, the water is moving. Therefore, you will need to provide moving water for them or train them that the bowel is their water source now.

Training your bearded dragon to drink from a water bowl can be challenging. They may not even see the water inside the bowl. But you can use some fruit juice to make the water smell sweet.

Make sure to only dilute a small amount of fruit juice in the water. A drop of fruit juice should be enough to encourage your pet to drink it.

Do You Need to Clean the Water Bowl Daily?

A clean water bowl will avoid water contamination. Bearded dragons should only drink clean fresh water all the time. It will reduce the risk of bad bacteria growing in the water bowl as well. Use a mild detergent or a reptile cleaner to clean it.

Make sure to rinse the water bowl thoroughly before adding fresh water. It will get rid of the harsh chemicals from the cleaner.

It’s best to clean the water bowl regularly to avoid harmful bacteria from building up. Beardies are known to defecate in water bowls. It’s a good idea to clean it as much as needed.

What are the Signs of Dehydration in Bearded Dragons?

Signs of dehydration in bearded dragons can include lack of appetite and sunken eyes. Do a skin pinch test to know if your bearded dragon is dehydrated.

Use your fingers to lightly pinch the beardie’s skin. If the skin roll back immediately, then its well hydrated. On the other hand, If it takes a long time for the skin to go back, that means your bearded dragon is not well hydrated.

What are the Alternatives to Tap Water for Bearded Dragons?

Now that you have learned that not all tap water is safe for bearded dragons, you need to find some alternatives. That way, you can keep your pet hydrated without a problem. If you’re unsure about the water quality in your area, it’s best to use these alternatives.

1. Bottled Water

You can use bottled water to provide your bearded dragon with hydration. But you have to know that it’s just the same as tap water but with a higher quality. It may not make that much difference from using the free tap water you have at home.

However, if you live in an area with some water issues such as getting boil orders or others, bottled water is a good alternative. Keep in mind that your beardie doesn’t need to have expensive bottled water. Just get the most affordable brand you can find.

2. Water Purification System

If you have a water purification system at home, you can use it for your beardies water. This will purify the tap water and become safe for your bearded dragon. Just make sure to also use this for your pet’s bath, misting, and other hydration techniques.

3. Water Conditioner

It’s the most inexpensive way to make tap water safe for bearded dragons. It’s cheaper than getting bottled water, so it’s a better and more cost-effective option. Just get a water conditioner specifically made for reptiles. Use a few drops on their drinking water and bathwater. It will help the substances to be neutralized.

However, it doesn’t mean that it can be used for every type of water. Even if you add a water conditioner to contaminated water, it’s still unsafe for bearded dragons.


1. How To Keep Your Bearded Dragon Hydrated?

  1. Offer your beardie drinking water.
  2. Offer your beardie some insects, fruits, and veggies that contain water.
  3. Mist the food before giving it to your bearded dragon as well. It will keep your pet hydrated.

2. What Foods Should You Avoid Feeding Your Bearded Dragons?

You should avoid feeding certain foods to your bearded dragon as it can harm them. Not all foods are safe for bearded dragons. Avoid feeding it avocado, fireflies, and rhubarb. These are toxic for bearded dragons therefore you need to avoid offering them to your pet.

3. Should You Feed Wild Insects To Bearded Dragons?

No, it’s not recommended to feed wild insects to beardies. They can cause more harm than good for your pet. Wild insects may have parasites and illnesses that can be passed to your pet. It’s best to get feeder insects from a trusted breeder.

4. How To Tell if Your Bearded Dragon is Well Hydrated?

The best thing to do is to check their stool. When the beardie defecates, check if it’s moist since it’s a good sign. White chunks should also be seen on the end (known as rate).

5. Do Bearded Dragons Need a Water Bowl?

Yes, It’s recommended to provide a water bowl for bearded dragons.

6. Can Bearded Dragons Take a Bath in Tap Water?

Yes, bearded dragons can take a bath in tap water as long as it has been dechlorinated. Use a few drops of water conditioner on the tap water to make it safe. Beardies usually drink water while bathing. Allow your pet to soak in water for between 15 to 20 minutes and let it enjoy bathing.

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