Best 10 Accessories for Leopard Geckos

When finding the best accessories for your leopard gecko tank, it is important to consider what your reptile needs and what will make their home more comfortable and enjoyable. There are many different types of accessories available on the market, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase. Reptiles depend on you as the owner to offer the things they need to thrive.

Below, we have put together a buying guide with all the information you need to know about leopard gecko habitat decor. In addition, we have also included our top picks for the best reptile tank accessories available right now and how to choose the best accessories.

Common Accessories for Leopard Geckos

The most common accessories to put in a leopard gecko’s enclosure include:

Terrarium – A terrarium is a great way to house your leopard gecko and provide them with a comfortable and stimulating environment. When choosing a terrarium, it is important to pick the right size and shape for your pet. Long and tall terrariums are the two most popular shapes. Generally speaking, land-dwelling reptiles prefer longer terrariums because they have more surface area to explore, whereas climbing reptiles prefer taller enclosures.

Lighting – This is among the most important aspects of setting up a leopard gecko habitat. A basking bulb is needed to produce heat, and a visual/ultraviolet light bulb is needed to provide light. These bulbs can be bought at most pet stores or online retailers.

Thermometer – A reliable thermometer is a critical accessory for any reptile habitat. By placing two thermometers in the habitat – one near the light source and one further away – you can accurately measure the space’s temperature range. This is important because reptiles are very sensitive to temperature changes, and too much heat or cold can be deadly. While at it, have a thermostat to monitor the temperature.

Hygrometer – A hygrometer is an important tool for measuring humidity in a terrarium. By tracking the humidity levels, you can ensure your leopard gecko stays healthy and comfortable.

Heating Pads – Heating pads are necessary for leopard geckos, as they help mimic the warm ground found in their natural habitat. By providing a heat source that is close to the ground, you can help your reptile feel right at home. When choosing a heating pad, select one that is waterproof, impervious to punctures, and capable of dispersing heat evenly. A controller for the heating pad is also necessary to adjust the heat output as needed.

Substrate – For tropical terrariums, moss, coconut husk, and reptile bark make good substrates. Desert terrariums require substrates that help retain heat, so reptile carpets and sands that have been carefully prepared are good choices.

Hiding Places – Hiding places are important for leopard geckos because they provide a safe space for them to feel secure. A hide should be big enough for your leopard gecko to fit underneath with room to spare. It’s crucial for enabling them to adjust to anything new in their tank and can serve as a comforter for them in times of stress. To ensure that the hide won’t be too small for your lizard, it’s vital to measure it beforehand. This hide can also expand or be replaced as they become bigger.

Basking rocks and bogs – Rocks and bogs provide important features for your leopard gecko habitat. By arranging them in the enclosure, you can create sheltered areas and climbing structures for your reptiles. When choosing accessories, always go for softer ones over harder options. This will minimize the risk of injury to your leopard geckos.

Plants – Plants not only provide visual interest and enrichment for the gecko, but they also help to regulate humidity and temperature in the enclosure. Live plants are always best, but be sure to choose species that are non-toxic and safe for your gecko to eat. While live plants are certainly the more natural option, fake plants can also be a great way to decorate your leopard gecko’s enclosure.

Leash – a leash allows you to keep them safe while they’re out and about and also allows you to take them with you wherever you go. You’ll want to make sure that the leash is comfortable for your gecko. They should be able to move around freely without any discomfort. Still, it should be the right size for your gecko – neither too small nor too large.

Best Accessories for Leopard Geckos

Zilla Tropical Reptile Terrarium

Zilla 10 Gallon Tropical Terrarium Starter Kit Bundle

$120.54  in stock
as of 12/18/2023 2:33 am

The Zilla Tropical Reptile Terrarium is a great option for those looking for an affordable, all-inclusive system for their leopard gecko. The tank is thought to be suitable for baby geckos and other reptiles and includes a carpet substrate, blue daytime bulb, heating mat, and temperature and humidity gauges. Though the tank is on the small side (only 10 gallons), it is a good option for juvenile geckos or those just starting with a young gecko. The non-edible carpet substrate prevents smells and is easy to clean, making this terrarium a low-maintenance option for busy reptile parents.


  • Comes with almost anything to get you started
  • It’s easy to set up for beginners
  • It’s relatively affordable
  • Comes with a temperature gauge and hygrometer


  • Lacks enough space for adults

Lucky Herp Uva/Uvb Reptile Light

LUCKY HERP UVA UVB Reptile Light 5.0, Tropical UVB 100 Compact Fluorescent Lamp 23W

 in stock
2 new from $16.99
Free shipping
as of 12/18/2023 2:33 am

If you’re looking for a reptile light that emits both heat and UVB rays, the Lucky Herp UVA/UVB Reptile Light is a great option. This small fluorescent bulb emits just enough UVB to be safe for leopard geckos and provides the perfect amount of light and heat for tropical and subtropical species. The UVB output from the bulb’s unique glass tube is designed to be consistent, so you won’t need to change this gecko lighting very frequently. Additionally, the Lucky Herp reptile light is versatile and can be used with a variety of different tank layouts.


  • Easy to set up and uses standard-sized electrical sockets
  • Long-lasting without replacing
  • Doesn’t emit harmful UVC light
  • Produces both UVA and UVB


  • The light has to be turned off at night

Fluker’s Thermo-Hygrometer Digital

Fluker's Digital Thermo-Hygrometer 1 Pack - Pack of 2

$90.01  in stock
as of 12/18/2023 2:33 am

Fluker’s Thermo-Hygrometer Digital is a reliable and accurate way to measure the temperature and humidity inside your reptile’s habitat. The digital display is easy to read, and the magic-sticker mounting system makes it quick and easy to install and remove.

This thermo-hygrometer also features a valuable minimum/maximum temperature tracking feature, so you can monitor conditions even when you’re away or asleep. It’s powered by batteries, making it completely portable, and it’s water-resistant for use in even the most humid environments. However, it should be noted that this device is not waterproof, so if it should fall into the water, it will likely cease to function.


  • Easy-to-read display
  • Easy to set up
  • Records minimums and maximums
  • It’s battery-powered


  • It’s not waterproof

Zacro Reptile Heat Pad

Reptile Heat Pad - Under Tank Heater for 10-20gal Tank, Terrarium Heat Mat for Turtle/Snake/Lizard/Frog/Spider/Plant Box,6 x 8in

$13.99  in stock
2 new from $13.99
3 used from $11.69
Free shipping
as of 12/18/2023 2:33 am

The Zacro Reptile Heat Pad is a soft, durable PVC-made product that is simple to fold, practical to use, and incredibly simple to clean. With its low energy requirements, the leopard gecko heat mat provides robust functionality, excellent efficiency, and reliable performance. It is the best heat source for arachnids, amphibians, and reptiles that live in tropical and arid climates.

To install the Zacro Reptile Heat Pad, simply connect the power while using the pad so that the surface can warm up before applying the double-sided tape. As a result, the surface will be smoother and more adherent. The good-quality heating wire provides stability, high performance, and a longer lifespan.


  • It’s durable to last long
  • It’s practical to use
  • It’s simple to clean
  • Offers reliable performance


  • Lacks an indicator about how hot it’s set

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Liner

Zilla 2 Pack of Terrarium Liners, 40/50 Gallon, Green

 in stock
11 new from $20.13
Free shipping
as of 12/18/2023 2:33 am

Zilla reptile terrarium liners are a great choice for leopard gecko substrates. They are made from recycled materials, so they are good for the environment and offer a soft, absorbent surface that won’t bother or catch your pet’s toes. There is no chance that your pet leopard gecko will consume any particles that could cause impaction because terrarium carpets are flat and small.

When looking for a substrate for your leopard gecko, you should keep factors like odor buildup and cleaning convenience in mind. It turns out that the Zilla reptile carpet has a biodegradable enzyme treatment that absorbs scents. Simply rinse it with cold tap water to clean it, then let it air dry before reinstalling it in the tank. The best part is that laying out this carpet and, if necessary, reducing it to size may easily create the substrate for your gecko’s habitat.


  • It’s completely safe to use for baby and adult leopard geckos
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Doesn’t smell
  • Has a soft surface that won’t irritate the pet


  • A few owners complained that the company sent a wrong color

Zilla Rock Lair Md Moist Hide

ZILLA Rock Lair Lg

$36.52  in stock
15 new from $36.49
Free shipping
as of 12/18/2023 2:33 am

The Rock Lair by Zilla is an excellent moist hide for leopard geckos. It offers a single entrance and is easy to access. The hide will provide dark light and humidity if you fill it with a damp substrate, such as sphagnum moss.

You can also open the damp hide to clean up any messes your leopard geckos may have made or other debris they may have left behind. In addition to being a wet hide, this one is ideal for shy leopard geckos because it offers a totally protected space due to the one entrance. We adore this hide’s realistic appearance as well. Your pet may scrape against it while shedding because of its rough texture.


  • It’s well-built and long-lasting
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Offers great value for money
  • Has a soft texture


  • Looks relatively small

Pinvnby Hammock Jungle Climber Vines Flexible Reptile Leaves

PINVNBY Bearded Dragon Hammock Jungle Climber Vines Flexible Reptile Leaves with Suction Cups Habitat Decor for Climbing, Chameleon, Lizards, Gecko, Snakes

$14.99  in stock
as of 12/18/2023 2:33 am

Reptiles Also need a set of vines, leaves and other stuff to climb to their tank. If you are looking for fake plants to get started or add an aesthetic sense to the enclosure. The PINVNBY Hammock Jungle Climber Vines set comes with a bendable rattan vine that can stretch multiple times across your geckos’ tank. Your gecko will have lots of climbing real estate whenever it needs to exercise.

Besides having a long vine in each pack, this fake plant set provides relaxation spots for your gecko. Your gecko won’t fall from this hammock as it easily attaches with three suction cups. These cups are also available on the vine ends to make placement much easier.

In addition, this set comes with beautiful, artificial leaves that easily recreate your geckos’ natural environment, making your reptile feel at home.


  • Offers a 100% money-back guarantee
  • It’s extremely durable
  • Offers a flexible vine
  • Comes with multiple suction cups


  • Doesn’t look too real

STARROAD-TIM Adjustable Lizard Leash and Harness

Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash Harness - Adjustable Stylish Butterfly Wing Lizard Reptile Harness Leash for Bearded Dragon Lizard Reptiles (Blue Butterfly)

$9.99  in stock
as of 12/18/2023 2:33 am

Are you looking for a well-rounded gecko leash to take your gecko outdoors in the summer? Check out this leash with several adjustable features and an appealing design.

The STARROAD-TIM Adjustable Lizard Leash and Harness is a great way to keep your gecko comfy and safe. The leash is adjustable to fit your gecko as they grow and is made of soft, handmade leather that won’t hurt them. The harness is also adjustable and made of sturdy nylon rope, making it easy to transport your leopard gecko outside.

The winged shape of the harness is perfect for keeping your gecko well-groomed, and the dark and gold tint of the wings is a perfect match for any color gecko.


  • It has a beautiful winged design
  • It offers 3 sets of harnesses
  • Comes with a strong nylon rope
  • It’s made soft and smooth


  • Some owners found it challenging to put it on

Magnaturals Rock Ledge

Magnaturals Rock Ledge (Granite, Large)

$44.00  in stock
as of 12/18/2023 2:33 am

The Magnaturals basking rock offers every feature you want in a basking platform. It is built of high-quality materials, is wide, and simple to clean. Because the resin used in the construction is non-toxic, it won’t harm your lizard. This platform differs from most basking rocks on the market because it has strong magnets that make installation simple and fast. It will be much more convenient for pet owners since there won’t be a need for glue, Velcro, or any other adhesive.

Additionally, the basking rock is elevated so that your lizard can enjoy a panoramic view of its surroundings while basking. Due to its vertical design, lizards are more likely to climb, increasing their strength and muscle build. The rock also comes in two hues, so you may pick the one that appeals to you between the granite or Mojave motif.

To top it all off, this basking rock is incredibly stable, so neither its position nor its stability will change when the lizard is perched on top of it.


  • It’s high quality and stable
  • Offers lots of space
  • It’s easy to install
  • Has two hues to choose from


  • A few owners reported receiving the wrong hue

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tank Size Do Leopard Geckos Thrive In?

The tank size will depend on the age and size of your leopard gecko. A baby or juvenile leopard gecko needs at least a 10-gallon tank, while an adult needs at least a 40-gallon tank. If you have more than one leopard gecko, you will need to increase the size of the tank accordingly.

How Do I Keep My Bearded Dragon Warm without a Heat Lamp?

A heat lamp is necessary to provide them with the heat they need to stay warm and active. Additionally, a heat lamp provides UV light which is essential for leopard geckos to synthesize vitamin D3 and absorb calcium (both of which are critical for bones). If you are traveling and cannot bring your leopard gecko’s heat lamp, you can cover their cage to help retain heat. If your power goes out, you can also use non-toxic hand warmers in their cage for a short time until the power is restored. However, this should not be a long-term solution as it does not provide the full range of benefits that a heat lamp does.

Do Leopard Geckos Like Toys in the Tank?

Leopard geckos do not necessarily need toys in their enclosure to be happy and healthy. However, providing them with enrichment items such as hammocks, mirrors, and leashes can help to keep them occupied and amused. Enrichment items offer the mental and physical stimulation leopard geckos need to stay healthy.

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