7 Best Albino Leopard Gecko Lighting 2024- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Many people believe that Leos are nocturnal creatures that don’t require lighting in their terrarium. As it turns out, geckos, including Albino Leopard geckos, are crepuscular species, meaning they’re most active during dusk and dawn and thus require lighting.

While you’ll find your reptile napping during the day, surprisingly, he’s actually in tune with his environment. This ability to tell day from night is a survival tactic acquired in the wild.

To sustain a healthy circadian rhythm for your Albino leopard gecko, you’ll need to find the best lighting. And the best lighting is one that micks your lizard’s natural habitat.

How to Choose the Best Albino Leopard Gecko Lighting

Before purchasing lighting for your albino leopard gecko, be sure to consider the type, color, temperature, lifespan and, most importantly, wattage.

Bulbs with 60 – 100 watts are the most ideal, although it depends on the size of your tank. Plus, the right bulb wattage, especially basking bulbs, provides ideal temperatures for your pet.

Don’t purchase bulbs with 150W or more as they’ll produce too much lighting and heating, which causes distress to your albino leopard gecko.

Though the color isn’t mostly a big deal, choose one that best suits your albino leopard gecko. Some geckos may be irritated by white or yellow bulbs as they’re too bright, especially in close proximity to the gecko.

However, bright yellow and white colors are ideal as they mimic the gecko’s natural environment during the daytime, while blue light simulates nighttime.

What’s more, consider the type of bulb you need before purchasing, i.e. whether you need a UVB bulb or a basking bulb.

The Best Albino Leopard Gecko Lighting

Lucky Herp UVA UVB Reptile Light 5.0

LUCKY HERP UVA UVB Reptile Light 5.0, Tropical UVB 100 Compact Fluorescent Lamp 15W

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as of 12/24/2023 7:09 pm

If you’re in the market for pocket-friendly albino leopard gecko lighting that provides ambient light and heat in your pet’s terrarium, you can never go wrong with Lucky Herp UVA, UVB Reptile Light 5.0.

This bulb is one of the best UVB for leopard geckos. Designed to generate both UVB rays and heat, the Lucy Herp Reptile Light produces just enough UVB ensuring the delicate skin of your albino leopard gecko isn’t harmed.

While most individuals assume albino geckos don’t require UVB lighting, you might be surprised to find that all leos benefit from UVB lighting when availed to them. The right amount of UVB light stimulates the synthesis of calcium and vitamin D3. This means your albino gecko is at lower risk of suffering from the deadly metabolic bone disease.

Thanks to its compatibility with all standard-size sockets in the US and ease of mounting, the product is ideal for most gecko tank setups.

The best part is that you can use it for up to 8000 hours without the need to replace it often. Plus, you can use the Lucky Herp UVB Reptile Light with all types of terrarium setups.

Not only that. The lighting is available in an array of options; you can set up your gecko’s tank that delivers 10% UVB lighting though 5% would be sufficient for most albino leopard geckos.


  • A reliable source of UVB lighting and heat for albino leopard geckos
  • Compatible with most standard-sized sockets and easy to mount
  • Long-lasting
  • Safe from UVC light


  • You’ll need to switch it off at night, meaning you must use an additional heating source to provide your pet with warmth in its tank should temps drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Zoo Med Reptisun LED Terrarium Hood

Zoo Med Reptisun Led Uvb Terrarium Hood, 30"

$153.93  in stock
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as of 12/24/2023 7:09 pm

If you want to provide your leopard gecko with the best illumination possible, the Zoo Med Reptisun LED Terrarium Hood is the way to go. Not only does it feature heat-emitting red LEDs, but it also comes with blue LEDs that create a nocturnal atmosphere for your reptile.

Besides emitting red and blue lights, this light fixture can generate 6500-kelvin daytime high-output LEDs to better replicate the natural lighting for your gecko.

Not only that. If you’re growing some live plants in your reptile tank, the Reptisun LED Terrarium Hood is an ideal choice. This gives your adorable lizard a healthy life in its tank, allowing it to behave naturally, just like it does in the wild. With that in mind, the Zoo Med Reptisun LED Terrarium is a must-have for albino gecko owners who want to create a haven for their reptile friends in captivity.

Another great thing about Zoo med Reptisun is that the LED panels may be swapped out anytime. Changing the bulb won’t require much hassle, offering you the flexibility to set up the terrarium.

Also, the bulb is adaptable to different tank sizes thanks to its movable rails. Therefore, the Zoo Med Reptisun Terrarium Hood is a perfect choice for almost all tank sizes.

With proper care and use, this LED light can serve you for over two years.


  • Replaceable with ease whenever they burn out.
  • One of the best blue lights for leopard geckos for nighttime lighting and heating
  • Versatile and can fit different gecko tanks of varying sizes
  • The 6500 Kelvin high-output LED generates daylight that replicates natural sunlight


  • Very large-sized terrarium couldn’t be heated, while the 6500 power output may be too much for 10-30 gallon enclosures.

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Incandescent Heat Bulb

Zilla (3 Pack) Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamps Incandescent Bulb, Day White, 100W

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as of 12/24/2023 7:09 pm

If you’re looking for a full-spectrum light for your gecko but don’t want to spend a fortune, the Zilla Reptile Incandescent Bulb ticks all the right boxes.

Constructed in a design that simulates the natural daytime habitat of tropical and desert reptile species, this bulb produces heat and bright light that replicates the natural sunlight. So it won’t harm your albino gecko’s eyes.

The fact that the lighting setup mimics the gecko’s natural habitat makes it one of the best UVB for leopard geckos since your lizard stays stress-free in his new home. Your albino gecko can’t distinguish the terrarium setup from its natural desert environment.

Additionally, the 75-watt power makes the lighting great for albino leopard gecko terrariums of all sizes.

Mo so, this lamp, made from glass incorporating neodymium phosphors, emits a dazzling white light similar to the sunlight your pet reptile would be exposed to in the wild.

Since it is constructed with stronger filaments than standard incandescent bulbs, it can last way longer than other bulbs.


  • Generates both heat and light
  • The full-spectrum illumination intensifies the vibrant colors of the albino geckos and the natural environment replica
  • Long-lasting
  • The dazzling white light replicates the sunlight in the gecko’s natural environment


  • The bulb may not provide proper heat, especially at the edges of your gecko’s tank

Zoo Med Day Night Reptile Bulbs Combo Pack

(3 Packages ) Zoo Med Day and Night Reptile 60 Watt Bulbs, Combo Pack

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as of 12/24/2023 7:09 pm

If you’re still unsure about the proper lighting for your albino leopard gecko, the Zoo Med Day Night Reptile Combo Pack is a popular option from a reputable brand that won’t disappoint.

Instead of only one daylight bulb, you’ll get two convenient lights.

What makes the Zoo Med Day Night Bulb Combo ideal is the fact that both bulbs are incandescent. This way, your gecko’s delicate skin is protected since the bulbs don’t generate excess heat.

The 60-watt blue daytime bulb provides naturalistic lighting that is gentler on your lizard’s eyes compared to standard light bulbs. Also, the bulb simulates the natural habitat of albino geckos, enhancing their comfort.

What’s more, the Zoo Med Day Night Reptile Bulbs Combo serves as the best heat bulb for leopard geckos thanks to the real red glass design that generates 60 watts.

Unlike other leopard gecko red light bulbs, it can be used as a heat lamp for reptiles around the clock without disrupting their natural circadian rhythms.


  • Features both day and night lights that also emit heat
  • Provides heat for your pet 24 hours thanks to the genuine red glass that makes the red light
  • Last long for up to 6 months despite continuous use
  • The soft blue light is gentle on the albino leopard gecko’s eyes because it replicates natural sunlight


  • You may have to purchase the Zoo Med Day Night Reptile Bulbs at a local pet store because they’re too delicate to transport.

Fluker’s Red Heat Bulbs for Reptiles

Fluker's (3 Pack) Red Heat Bulbs for Reptiles 75 watt

$19.14  in stock
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as of 12/24/2023 7:09 pm

For gecko parents looking for a night light for their albino leopard geckos, the Flucker’s Red Heat Bulbs are an excellent option. Unlike other bulbs designed to mimic daylight, this product allows you to watch over your pet at night when it’s most active.

Also, consider Fluck Red Heat Bulb as one the best heat bulb for albino leopard geckos, especially if you live in an extremely cold environment and your lizard can’t stand the cold at night.

You can keep your albino leopard gecko comfortable in its enclosure with the help of Fluker’s Incandescent Reptile Bulb. This form of lighting not only warms the entire terrarium but also produces some low-key illumination to facilitate the nighttime viewing of your pet gecko.

Even though albino leopard geckos can’t see the red color, the red light can disrupt their circadian rhythm, so it’s best to turn it off after a few hours of use (unless temperatures in the geckos tank drop below 70F).

Although most red lights are designed to stay running around the clock, consider setting Fluker’s Red Heat Bulbs to alternate between 12 hours a night and 12 hours of daylight cycle.

Better yet, using red light and daytime light for the recommended hours increases its lifespan.


  • A reliable source of heat and nightlight
  • Emits infrared light, albino geckos need to regulate their body temperatures
  • Provides enough light to allow you to view your albino gecko hassle-free during the night
  • The 75-watt power is ideal for most albino leopard gecko tanks


  • The bulbs are delicate and require proper handling during shipping

Zacro Reptile Infrared 100W Heat Lamp

Zacro Reptile Heat Lamp 100W with One Digital Thermometer, Infrared Ceramic Heating Non-light Lamps Emitter 110V (Black)

$13.99  in stock
as of 12/24/2023 7:09 pm

The Zacro Reptile Infrared Non-light Lamps Emitter is one of the best heat bulbs for leopard geckos if you’re looking for an efficient heat lamp.

Despite its heftier price compared to other albino gecko bulbs, the product is worth your money, Thanks to the infrared heating, it uniformly warms up the air in your reptile’s terrarium.

Besides, it features a flat-disc shape to allow the heat to be expelled into the air faster, thus providing ambient temperature for your little friend.

You don’t have to worry about heating a large terrarium tank since the bulb produces 100 watts enough to provide your albino gecko with the right temperatures.

Additionally, the bulb features a digital thermometer, allowing you to get a real-time reading on different heating in the gecko’s aquarium.

What’s more, the Zacro Reptile Infrared Heat Lamp has a longer lifespan than normal lighting bulbs, so you won’t have to replace it often.

Typically, purchasing this type will offer you more than one year of use which is quite a good lifespan.


  • Longer lifespan compared to other heat bulbs
  • Infrared heating and energy-efficient design provide proper heating for your gecko while saving you electricity bills
  • Can heat up large leopard gecko terrarium
  • Generates high output power of 100 watts


  • You’ll need a ceramic socket when using it

Exo Terra Halogen Basking Reptile Light Bulb

Exo Terra Sun Glo Halogen Basking Spot Lamp, Reptile Light Bulb, 50 Watts, PT2181

$16.99  in stock
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1 used from $9.99
Free shipping
as of 12/24/2023 7:09 pm

The Exo Terra Sun Basking Spot Lamp is an inexpensive bulb with simple features. The product merely produces good light and heat, making it a perfect option if you want a simple, functional light and heat bulb.

Featuring a wide range of wattages such as from 25, 50, 75, 100 and 150 W, you can choose the incandescent light bulb that perfectly suits the size of your gecko terrarium.

Consider choosing the 75W or 100W bulb to provide your albino leopard gecko with the right heating and lighting. Less than 75W would be too weak, while the 150W option would be too strong for your albino gecko.

Though the lifespan is only about 2-3 months, the lower price offset its short lifespan.

Though it is one of the best basking bulbs for leopard geckos, one spot of the terrarium would be hotter than others. But this is fine for your pet as long the temperatures don’t exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Actually, your lizard will respond well to varying temperatures in its terrarium. That is cooler away from the light and hotter towards it, just like they do in the wild.


  • Good value for money
  • The light it produces in the tank replicates sunlight
  • Generates good heat
  • Comes in a wide range of wattages for you to choose from


  • Shorter lifespan of 2-3 months

Factors to Consider When Choosing Albino Leopard Gecko Lighting

Choosing the best Albino leopard gecko lighting is easier said than done, especially surrounding numerous misconceptions about leopard gecko lighting.

As a novice gecko parent, you may be stranded about finding out the best UVB lighting for albino leopard geckos, as these pets are nocturnal. Plus, they don’t bask all day like beardies, or other reptiles do.

Although albino geckos can thrive without UVB lights, research shows they benefit significantly under low-intensity UVB lighting. That being said, it is reasonable to believe UVB light will improve their health in captivity.

Check out a list of the factors you’ll need to consider before purchasing light bulbs for your adorable pet to ensure you make the right choice.


The best UVB bulb for leopard geckos is one with wattage similar to natural sunshine.

Depending on the shape and size of your pet’s terrarium, a full-spectrum, low-wattage bulb ranging from 50-75 watts should work just fine. You may need to use light bulbs with a somewhat higher wattage for larger tank enclosures.

Additionally, Albino leopard geckos don’t require lighting at night if the light in the room is ambient. Besides, provided the temperatures don’t fall below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your reptile won’t need a lot of heat.


While searching for the best albino leopard gecko lighting, you’ll come across a variety of light bulbs. Keep in mind that what is required of you is to choose the one that works best for your gecko tank setup.

In terms of affordability and quality of light and heat, incandescent lights are the most preferred and are the best albino leopard gecko lighting you’ll come across.

Infrared lamps produce a good amount of heat and last longer but come at a heftier price.

If you’re looking for an efficient and long-lasting option, LED lights are the best leopard gecko lighting that can provide your lizard with a comfortable and happy life.

However, most LED lights do not provide heat in the tank and those that do, emit too little heat requiring you to use other types of heat sources.


While it’s not a big deal regarding the choice of color, choosing the wrong one can become problematic. Therefore, to provide lighting for your pet gecko during the day, consider using a full spectrum of yellow or white light.

Albino geckos, just like other Leos do not require lighting during nighttime. However, you can use black, red, or blue light to provide your lizard with ambient light and a bit of heating.


Most gecko parents prefer using a heating mat over a basking bulb. However, if you are looking for a different approach to warming up your gecko’s tank and simultaneously serving as a light source, you should look for a bulb that is both a source of warmth and light.


How long the light bulb will last is something that most gecko parents don’t think about when choosing albino leopard gecko lighting. But technically speaking, the bulb would be used for at least 12 hours daily.

With that in mind, you must choose a high-quality bulb that can serve you for years to come. Otherwise, you’ll have to change the light bulbs on your albino gecko’s terrarium weekly.

Generally speaking, quality leopard gecko lights should serve you around 6 months of daily use non-stop. And it’s something you don’t want to rule out when choosing the best albino leopard gecko lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Albino Leopard Geckos Require UVB or UVA light?

Yes. While Leos don’t require UVB or UVA light for survival, research shows that both crepuscular and diurnal reptiles benefit from their exposure. The UVB light helps your albino gecko absorb Vitamin D hassle-free, hence a lower risk of metabolic bone disease.

What Lighting Do Albino Leopard Geckos Need?

Just like other Leos, albino geckos require, at least, a spectrum of light to support their circadian rhythm. In most cases, using a heating mat would work fine in regulating the temperatures in the gecko’s tank. However, you’ll still need light to tell your reptile when it’s rest or active time.

Do Albino Leopard Geckos Require Bright Light?

Yes. Albino gecko, like all other leopard geckos, needs bright light that mimics sunlight to support their natural circadian rhythm. Yellow or white bulbs are the best because they replicate your gecko’s natural habitat.

What Wattage Is Best For My Albino Leopard Gecko?

Any leopard gecko bulb with a 60-100W should be ideal. Remember that your choice of bulb wattage depends on the size of the terrarium. Smaller tanks require lower-wattage bulbs, and vice versa.

Can Albino Leopard Geckos Tolerate Bright Light?

No. Leos are nocturnal with sensitive eyes and mostly inactive during the day. However, as long as your albino leopard gecko has plenty of hiding spots inside its terrarium, it will be OK with low-intensity light.

Should I Turn Off My Albino Leopard Gecko’s Light at Night?

Yes. As a general rule of thumb, to simulate the normal day-night cycle for geckos, the lights and heat should be on for 12 hours in daylight and 12 hours at nighttime. This helps your albino leopard gecko stay healthy as the lights signal your reptile when to store energy and rest.

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