The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Calcium Supplement for Your Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos in captivity rely on their owners to help them meet the amount of calcium they need to support healthy bones and overall health.

Choosing between liquid calcium, powdered calcium, or spray calcium may seem daunting. But, once you find the calcium supplement that works best for your leopard gecko, nothing can stand your way from having a happy and healthy life between you and your adorable reptile.

While leos in the wild meet the required calcium amount from various insects and greens they feed on, those in captivity have limited selections, hence the need to supplement their diet with calcium to enhance their overall health.

How To Choose the Best Calcium Supplement for Leopard Gecko

When selecting the best calcium supplement for your leopard geckos, there are three main factors you need to take into account.

Make sure to consider whether the calcium supplement you offer your leopard gecko contains Vitamin D3, whether it’s in liquid or powdered form and whether it’s phosphorus-free.

Is the calcium supplement fortified with Vitamin D3 or not. This depends on the UVB lighting quality in your reptile’s enclosure and the time it spends in the sun.

Is the supplement liquid, powder or spray form? Though there are many calcium supplements in the market, choose one that you and your gecko find convenient and preferable. Liquid supplements such as the Exo Terra Liquid Calcium Supplement can be your perfect choice if you want instant results because of the high-absorption rate.

Another important factor to consider is if the calcium supplement is Phosphorus-free. Since calcium and phosphorus are crucial to a gecko’s bone health, it’s important to consider your lizard’s current diet when deciding whether the calcium supplement you use should contain phosphorus.

7 Best Calcium Supplements for Leopard Gecko

Zoo Med Repti Calcium with Vitamin D3

Zoo Med Repti Calcium with D3 (48 oz)

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as of 12/24/2023 8:19 pm

Looking for the perfect powdered calcium supplement for your gecko? You can never go wrong with the Zoo Med Reptile Calcium D3 Supplement. Ideally, this powdered supplement is designed for leopard geckos, other reptiles, and amphibians, especially those not getting enough UVB.

With its 22,907IU/kg Cholecalciferol content, your pet gecko will get the right amount of Vitamin D3 required to function properly.

Though the product is recommended for indoor reptiles, you can still use it to fortify your leopard gecko with Vitamin D3 should you suspect your lizard lacks the required amount of vitamins. However, be sure to use it moderately to avoid endangering your reptile’s life.

Novice gecko parents can start by using the 3oz instead of 8oz pack to help them learn the right amount of supplement they’ll use.


  • Provides your gecko with the right amount of calcium and vitamin D3
  • Ideal for geckos and reptiles, especially those without UVB
  • An excellent source of calcium carbonate
  • Made from a reputable USA-based company


  • High risk of hypocalcaemia because it’s fortified with vitamin D3

Exo Terra Liquid Calcium Supplement

Exo Terra Exo Terra Calcium Liquid, Calcium,Magnesium Supplement, 120 ml

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Where can you find a superior gecko supplement if not for this one essential mineral? The Exo Terra Liquid Calcium Supplement is your perfect choice if you’re looking for a high-absorption calcium supplement for your leopard gecko.

The company formulated this incredible liquid supplement with 1% magnesium and 8% highly absorbable calcium, ensuring your leopard gecko’s bone structures are in perfect shape.

Because it comes as a liquid spray, the Exo-Terra calcium supplement is absorbed directly into the gecko’s intestines, providing your pet with immediate calcium to support metabolism and muscle function.

The gecko’s body absorbs the liquid calcium far quicker than it does with calcium powder. Therefore, it’s an excellent boost to have on hand if your pet is low on calcium.

The application is a simple process. You can use it as a spray on vegetables, greens, and insects. Better yet, you can add 2 drops per 30 ml to your reptile’s drinking water to enhance its effectiveness.

Plus, it is a great substitute for calcium if your leopard gecko is picky and refuses to eat powdered feeder insects.


  • Comes with added magnesium
  • A quick source of calcium
  • Great alternative for picky eaters
  • The liquid form makes the absorption high


  • No added Vitamin D3

Fluker’s Strawberry Banana Flavored Repta Calcium

Fluker's Repta Strawberry-Banana Flavored Calcium with Vitamin D3 (2oz) - Includes Attached DBDPet Pro-Tip Guide

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Compared to their outdoor counterparts, leos that spend their time indoors have a considerably more limited diet and less exposure to sunlight. 

As such, they’ll need to seek another way to supplement their nutrition with vitamin D3.

You can expose your lizard to UVB-emitting bulbs or feed them essential nutrients from supplements such as Fluker’s Repta Calcium. While using either of these procedures can guarantee excellent results, it’s essential to consult an exotic pet vet for the correct dosage.

Reptiles, including leopard geckos and amphibians who spend most of their time indoors, can benefit from Flucker’s Calcium Reptile supplement in many ways.

The supplement ensures your gecko’s bones are strong and healthy and not affected by the deadly metabolic bone disease (MBD).

In addition, the powered calcium supplement is made in the United States and comes in two convenient sizes (2 and 4 ounces), allowing you to keep an ample supply for your pet on hand.

If your leopard gecko doesn’t enjoy regular calcium dust, the product is an excellent alternative recommended by many leopard gecko owners.

Plus, the product contains only natural ingredients like fresh bananas and strawberries to add an enhanced taste tailored to your gecko’s liking. Indeed, it will surely be a hit with your pet gecko.

However, If you’re unsure whether your beardie will like it, its best is to start with the smaller size.


  • Ideal for choosy eaters
  • Produced by an established brand in the USA 
  • Bolstered with Vitamin D3 for optimal calcium absorption
  • Made with real strawberries and bananas, providing a strong source of natural vitamin C


  • There’s a risk of powder clumping

Zoo Med Reptile Calcium Without Vitamin D3

Zoo Med Reptile Calcium without Vitamin D3, 12-Ounce

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Zoo Med is well-known as a reliable brand for reptiles, and their supplements are no exception. Since it’s not sourced from oyster shells, this calcium supplement is pure and much more affordable.

The fact that it is finely ground makes it digestible by your leopard gecko and reduces the risk of gastrointestinal distress.

Also, because it’s not fortified with vitamin D3, the Zoo Med is a fantastic option for leopard geckos that are regularly exposed to adequate UV radiation from the sun or strong mercury vapor. Both will enable your reptile to produce vitamin D3 to facilitate calcium absorption.

Just to be cautious, be sure not to gut load feeder insects or veggies with too much Zoo Med withoutvitamin D3 supplement. The main reason for this is; geckos that receive sufficient UV light can be at a higher risk of hypocalcaemia if fed excess calcium leading to the formation of calcium sacks. But it rarely occurs


  • High source of calcium carbonate
  • No risk of hypocalcaemia because it’s not fortified with vitamin D3
  • Simple yet pure calcium supplement
  • No harmful impurities since it’s not made from oysters Shells


  • Not ideal for leos that don’t meet their vitamin D3

Fluker’s Reptile Calcium Without Vitamin D3

DBDPet Fluker's Reptile Calcium Supplement Without Vitamin D3 4oz - Includes Attached Pro-Tip Guide

$14.99  in stock
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Fluker’s Reptile Calcium Without D3 is a premium calcium supplement for captive leopard geckos, amphibians, as well as other reptiles.

Made in fine powder form, you’ll be sure your pet gecko will adhere to the food you feed him.

Every reptile requires calcium for bodily functions, metabolism, and healthy, strong bones making this product an essential requirement. Otherwise, your little guy will suffer deformity issues or metabolic disease due to calcium deficiency.

Since the supplement is made from natural minerals, it’s a higher quality product for leopard gecko lovers. Also, the fact that the Flucker’s Reptile Calcium is not supplemented with vitamin D3 makes it preferable for leos under intense UVB lighting or those kept outdoors to receive sunlight.

Another great benefit is that it doesn’t take much of the Flucker’s Calcium Supplement to stick on crickets or other feeder insects for several days. So, your supplement will surely last longer.


  • Made from natural minerals (e.g. limestone floor)
  • Affordable price
  • Easily absorbed
  • No risk of hypocalcaemia because it’s not supplemented with Vitamin D3


  • Not ideal for indoor leopard geckos

Rep-Cal Calcium with Vitamin D3

Calcium with Vitamins from Rep Cal

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This product is yet another well-known brand in the supplement market for leopard geckos and other reptiles. Thanks to its popularity among reptile owners, this calcium supplement is easily accessible in most reptile shops.

The fact that Rep-Cal Phosphorus-free Ultrafine Calcium Supplement is finely ground means that it can prevent gastrointestinal upset in your leopard gecko. This provides your gecko with a comfortable and happy life without gut issues.

Rep-Calsources its calcium carbonate naturally from oyster shells. This means your pet will have all the calcium they needs to support normal functioning and bone health.

Plus, it has added vitamin D3 and is free from phosphorus, supporting your gecko metabolism and growth.

The preference for “clean” calcium carbonate may be an issue for some gecko parents who prefer ‘pure’ calcium carbonate. But, truth be told, there is no functional difference between the synthesized and naturally sourced calcium carbonate.


  • Extremely fine and ground to perfection for simple dusting onto feeders and optimal absorption.
  • No synthetic ingredients or preservatives.
  • Fortified with D3 for optimal calcium absorption


  • Some gecko parents may not prefer calcium from oyster shells

Repashy Calcium Plus Oz Jar

Repashy Calcium Plus 6 Oz JAR

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as of 12/24/2023 8:19 pm

Because it is made purely from natural calcium carbonate and has no extra additives, Repashy Calcium Plus is your supplement of choice. It meets the daily calcium requirement for your gecko, protects against calcium deficiency, and includes extra nutrients like carotenoids, trace minerals, and vitamins.

Not only that. Its 3.5 microns fine particles provide exceptional stickiness to living insects and plant material, allowing easy ingestion while feeding your gecko.

Plus, the product is available at most reptile stores- a 17.6oz or 6oz bottle.

To offer Rapashy Calcium to your leopard gecko, sprinkle over veggies before feeding him. If you’re serving insects, put a small quantity of the supplement in a plastic bag and shake it gently.

Consider feeding your reptile while the supplement is still stuck to the bugs to enhance calcium absorption.

The only drawback is the presence of a banana aroma included as a flavor, which some picky geckos may not like.

Though the manufacturer of Repashy Calcium Supplement recommends using it every time you feed your lizard, don’t overuse it. Too much of the supplement can overload your lizard with lots of vitamins, leading to toxification.

Veterinarians recommend using Repashy supplements because they incorporate the finest components available. Besides, Repashy Calcium Plus is one of the few supplements that actually contain preformed vitamin A.


  • Fortified with carotenoids, trace minerals and vitamins
  • Mined from natural calcium carbonate
  • An essential multivitamin and calcium supplement
  • No additives


  • Picky geckos may not enjoy the banana flavor

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Calcium Supplement for leopard Gecko

Calcium is vital in leopard geckos for muscle function, bone growth and maintenance, and supporting metabolism.

Failure to provide your adorable reptile with the right calcium requirement can lead to detrimental effects, including stubborn metabolic disease (MBD).

Since the food you provide your lizard may not meet its required calcium levels, there’s a need to offer calcium supplements.

As a novice gecko owner, you may be wondering what criteria you may use to determine the best calcium supplement for your leopard gecko.

For your convenience, we’ve included a checklist to help you choose the right option for your pet reptile.

Vitamin D

Without enough vitamin D, your pet gecko won’t properly absorb the calcium in its food.

Though ultraviolet (UV) light is the best source of vitamin D3, whether you use UVB bulbs or allow your lizard to bask outdoors, you may need to supplement your leopard gecko’s diet with D3 whenever it’s necessary for optimal absorption of calcium.

But keep in mind to also consider your gecko’s age and health status, as they affect how much vitamin D3 should be included in their diet and the choice of calcium supplement to use.

Phosphorus Free

Generally, leos get enough phosphorus from their diet. Therefore, ensure you supplement your gecko with a phosphorous-free calcium supplement.

Besides, this compound, like oxalates, inhibits calcium absorption in reptiles. And it doesn’t make sense to offer calcium supplements to your gecko with an inhibitor unless you want your pet to absorb little calcium from the supplement you offer him.

All in all, the amount of phosphorus you should offer your leopard gecko varies according to its age. From hatchlings to juvenile leopard geckos, consider providing your pet 1-1.5 % calcium, 0.5-0.9 % phosphorus, and a ratio of 2:1 calcium to phosphorus.

On the other hand, adult leopard geckos should be offered a phosphorus ratio of 1.5:1.

That’s not all; gravid female geckos should be offered the highest amount of calcium to phosphorus ratio of up to 10:1.

No Harmful Impurities

When looking for the best calcium powder, be sure it doesn’t include any metal toxins or other hazardous impurities. Otherwise, your leopard gecko’s health will suffer severely from these contaminants, which may even shorten its lifespan.

Calcium Smell

Like any other living creature, Leopard geckos prefer to eat food with a pleasant aroma. That said, make sure to pick up a calcium supplement that doesn’t stink too much for your reptile. Otherwise, your little pal won’t even sniff at the treat you’ve set out for him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Geckos Get Too Much Calcium?

Yes. Geckos can get calcium overdose, though it’s very rare. Providing pure calcium won’t lead to the formation of crystals in the gecko’s body. As long as you don’t over supplement both vitamin D3 and calcium, your pet gecko won’t get too much calcium.

Do Juvenile Geckos Require Calcium Daily?

Yes. Young leopard geckos need calcium every day to support their development and for skeletal growth. Gut load or dust the feeder insects and offer your baby geckos daily.

Do Adult Geckos Require Calcium Daily?

No. Though adult leos need calcium for bone density, it’s not mandatory to supplement their diet with calcium daily. Dusting their feeder on alternate days would work just fine.

What Could Happen if My Gecko Doesn’t Get Enough Calcium?

Calcium deficiency in leos can result in hypocalcaemia- low calcium in the blood, while long-term deficiency can negatively affect the parathyroid glands due to secondary hormonal issues. In the worst-case scenario, it can cause MBD due to improper regulation of calcium levels.

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