5 Best Rimless Aquarium Tanks for Turtles!

Looking for an aquarium rim that catches the eye? You came to the right place. Getting a rimless turtle aquarium is the way to go. A quality rimless tank makes it easy to enjoy the view of your turtle and other aquatic life without any distractions.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the best rimless turtle tanks to buy and what to consider. In each product review, we describe the features, including the size in gallons, materials used, and other unique features.

If you are in a hurry, here is our top 5 recommendations

The Best Rimless Aquarium Tanks for turtles

SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium

SeaClear 50 gal Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set, 36 by 15 by 20", Cobalt Blue

$429.99  in stock
as of 11/07/2023 2:05 pm

SeaClear acrylic aquariums offer the best turtle tank setup with their extra gear. This 50-gallon turtle tank combo includes an electrical 24 inch light fixture and a reflector. The rimless acrylic aquarium is 17 times stronger than standard glass and weighs only half its weight.

SeaClear uses high-quality, impact-resistant materials and is less prone to cracking or chipping while moving them around. This turtle tank is safe for freshwater and saltwater, so that you can get your turtle in the best conditions closely resembling their natural habitat. 

The rimless design makes the walls ultraclear to see through while also allowing your turtle to enjoy the views all around.


  • The rimless glass makes it easy to save into the aquarium and watch your turtle.
  • Comes with a pre-installed light fixture and reflector.
  • The acrylic is 17 times stronger than standard glass for an overall lightweight build.


  • Some customers complained about the lower acrylic piece deforming under the weight of the water.

Lifegard Aquatics Low Iron Aquarium

LIFEGARD Low Iron Ultra Clear 7.5 Gallon Crystal Aquarium with Built in Side Filter – Rimless Glass, 45° Beveled Edge, Peninsula Style with Directional Jet Flow

$141.99  in stock
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as of 11/07/2023 2:05 pm

Lifegard ultra-clear aquariums are made of low-iron glass with beveled edges and rimless design for the ultimate view. The firm includes a side filter that is seamlessly built to filter out gunk and circulate clean water. The direct jet flow pump removes dirt and debris from the aquarium keeping your turtle healthy.

A bottom plug is also present that quickly drains out the tank during maintenance and can be hooked up to an external tank for greater water flow and circulation. The kit comes with a submersible pump, sponge filters, bio balls, a bottom insulation pad, and carbon media.

This 24-gallon turtle tank is recommended for small turtle breeds that don’t require as much room for movement. You can expect greater transparency with low iron glass, making it a compelling product for turtle tank displays.


  • Made of ultra-clear low iron glass.
  • 24 gallons capacity that’s enough for tiny turtles.
  • Beveled edges with peninsula-style rimless walls to further increase visibility.


  • The filter pump can get quite noisy when under load.

Aquadock 66 Gallon Glass Aquarium

Aquadock 66 Gallons Rimless Low Iron Glass Fish Tank, Aquarium Tank for Home&Office with Tool Kit (Fish Net, Scissors, Tweezers and Shovel)

 out of stock
as of 11/07/2023 2:05 pm

Aquadock is offering a 66-gallon glass aquarium with ultra-clear low iron glass. This aquarium is most recommended for medium-sized aquatic turtles, and it gives your pet a unique space and swimming experience.

Each of these aquariums comes with a scraper, tweezers, scissors, and a spoon net that you will need to keep the turtle tank clean every once in a while. The 10 mm thick glass is strong enough to withstand the pressure while still providing unparalleled clarity.

Aquadock relies on skillful handcraft to design the rimless glass finishing, which provides unobstructed views into the turtle tank. This minimalist design relies on precision-cut edges and invisible glue joints to maintain an overall exceptional clarity.


  • Made of low iron precision cut glass with rimless edges for ultimate clarity.
  • 66-gallon water capacity that’s enough to house an adult turtle.
  • The package includes free aqua scaping tools, including a spatula, scissors, tweezer, and a spoon net.


  • The aquarium lacks a dedicated drainage port

Landen Rimless Aquarium Tank

Landen 90P 55 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium Tank, W35.4ׄ19.7׈19.7 in(90x50x50cm) 10mm Thickness with White Nano Foam Leveling mat Included 111008

$499.99  in stock
as of 11/07/2023 2:05 pm

If you are in the market for a 55 gallon turtle tank, then the Landen rimless aquarium tank is your go-to choice. The firm relies on a modern landscape design that’s suitable for all kinds of scenes and gives your turtle more space to float around in.

The aquarium tank has 10 mm thick heavy-duty glass walls with low iron for increased light transmittance. The bezel-less design ensures up to 91% transparency for an immersive viewing experience.

To ensure high quality, the firm relies on mirror edge grading to provide uniform joints and accurate size, which prevents leakages. The package comes with a free EVA material cushioning pad that protects the glass during transportation and installation.


  • Made of ultra-white glass with high light transmittance for an immersive turtle viewing experience.
  • Smooth feel with standard right angles allowing the tank to fit and hold firmly in your turtle’s habitat.
  • 55-gallon water capacity that’s more than enough for an adult turtle.
  • Smooth chamfering and rimless design to increase visibility.
  • It comes with a foam mat to protect the glass during installation.


  • The aquarium lacks a cover and a dedicated drainage outlet.

Repti Zoo Reptile Glass Terrarium

REPTI ZOO 85 Gallon Reptile Glass Terrarium, 48" x 24" x 18" Reptile Detachable Terrarium with Double Hinge Door & Screen Ventilation, 2 in 1 Large Reptile Terrarium

$459.99  in stock
as of 11/07/2023 2:05 pm

Mature turtles need more space to swim in and explore that’s why the REPTI zoo 85-gallon turtle tank is a must-have for adult turtle owners. This terrarium ships in a flat-packed design that’s easy to carry into the house and simple to assemble. 

A vent panel is also available on the left side. You can use the glass or the mesh panel to secure the entrance. An anti-escape safety lock is also included to prevent unwanted opening and keeping your turtle safely inside.

If you need to install a heat cable or substrate heater at the bottom of the terrarium, you can easily do it as the bottom glass panel is specifically raised for this role.

Unlike other terrariums, this one has hinged cover doors that add structural rigidity to the entire tank. The removable top mesh provides optimal airflow while allowing UVB light penetration into the tank, which is healthy for your turtle.

With a waterproof bottom, this terrarium can be used with different decor from rainforest to desert, depending on how your turtle likes it. When it comes time to feed your pet reptile, you can easily open the front doors or use the side panel.


  • The package is flat packed for more accessible transportation and seamless installation.
  • Removable top mesh screen to provide maximum ventilation.
  • An Anti-escape safety lock keeps your turtle safe from unwanted contact with children or pets.
  • 85-gallon water capacity that’s enough for a large turtle to swim in comfortably.


  • The terrarium lacks a dedicated drainage port

What Is The Difference Between Rimless Aquariums From Normal Braced Tanks?

The difference is straightforward. With a standard tank, there’s a material that supports the top and bottom of the glass. This helps to provide additional strength required to sustain its weight.

While standard tanks are the most common among owners, the system may only work well for a while and obstruct the view of those who enjoy watching aquatic life.

With the rise of rimless turtle tanks, most owners prefer this option because of aesthetics. These offer a fantastic view of the turtle and other things in the aquarium without any braces or frames.

A surprise for new owners of rimless tanks is the open top. Most standard tanks have a restrictive cover. With the frameless aquariums, you will enjoy the sight of your fish to a whole new level of enjoyment.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Rimless Aquariums?

Just like all other aquarium types, there are pros and cons to having a rimless turtle tank. Even the best tank setups have to make compromises.


The main advantage of a rimless tank, as stated earlier, is that it offers aesthetics. What surprises most new owners with a rimless tank is how much the frames on most tanks take lots of space. They only provide a small window to view your aquatic life.

Once you get an aquarium tank, the difference is vast, and you will only become happier. Even if you go and nibble at the top where the water surface is, you will be able to see the turtle clearly.

The lack of a lid is also a huge plus for a rimless tank because it does make it straightforward to get to the top and work on anything.

Those who have already experienced the hassle of dealing with an awkward lid when trying to get to the tank know better. A rimless tank makes it effortless.


As much as rimless tanks have upsides, there are downsides for sure. Surprisingly, the downsides revolve around the lack of a lid or canopy.

It’s no doubt that not having the top aids with aesthetics, but there has to be a reason why people chose to use canopies in the first place. The most apparent issue with this is the potential for water spillage. Without a top, water can easily splash all over the ground.

This is not an issue with turtles because they tend to be smooth underwater. Nevertheless, they can burst at high speeds when happy or scared, causing the water to move abruptly, or you can be a doofus and bump your aquarium causing spillage. This rarely happens when you keep your water level right.

Also, the lack of a lid leaves the possibility of your turtle escaping. Remember that turtles are great escape artists. If your turtle has these tendencies, you might have to keep an eye regularly or avoid a rimless tank.

What Size Do I Need For A Turtle Tank?

The size of the tank is directly proportional to the turtle size. The minimum tanks size should cater to 10 gallons for each inch of the shell. Let’s say your turtle is 6 inches long, so that you will need at least a 60-gallon tank.

Keep in mind the species of your turtle and buy a large tank so you won’t have to buy a larger one when the turtle outgrows it. All you need to do is predict the size of your adult turtle based on its species.

Turtle speciesTank size
Diamond terrapin75 gallon turtle tank setup
Wood turtles80 gallons
Musk and Mud50 gallons
Yellow-Bellied Slider100 gallon turtle tank 
Map80 gallon turtle tank
Painted55 gallons
River Cooter80 gallons
Box70 gallons

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider When Buying a Turtle Tank

Before clicking for your best rimless aquarium, you find, let’s go deeper into what to look for in terms of specs.


Instead of using a glue-based adhesive, a majority of rimless aquariums use silicon strips that offer support along the edges. This concept makes cleaning effortless because there’s no strip residue or smearing.


Unlike traditional glasses, manufacturers these days employ low-iron glass. It’s much thicker and high-quality with relatively more clarity.


Many hobbyists prefer rimless instead of standard aquariums for the visual aspect. Look for the sleek, clean, and crisp in a rimless tank. The glass should not have a green hue so that onlookers can appreciate the display in its entirety.

LED Lights

Some rimless aquariums also come with LED lights to improve the visuals much more. They are also perfect if you have coral setups because they bring out brilliant colors. Some of the turtles will look great in these aquariums.

Additional Items

You might have to get extra items for your rimless aquarium, such as a water filter, a UV light bulb, and a heater. Consider if you can easily attach the items in the tank you are considering.

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