Do Snakes Fart? All You Need To Know!

If you’ve wondered about the physical processes snakes go through, you’ve probably asked yourself if snakes fart. It’s an interesting question and a fun little fact to share with people, and it might even be life-saving for pet snakes experiencing some digestive issues.

Some snakes can fart, such as copperheads and Burmese pythons. It’s normal but can hint at health issues when it’s excessive. Most of the time, all snakes do is pass built-up air. These “farts” typically aren’t audible and shouldn’t have a strong smell.

In the following parts of the article, I will discuss what would make snakes fart and if it’s a normal process or a sign of health issues. You will learn more about how these “farts” sound and smell and how they pass through a snake.

What Makes a Snake Fart?

Swallowing air, eating certain foods, and digestive issues can cause an increased urge to pass gas in snakes. It’s not something that occurs frequently, but it happens. 

Most of the time, there’s no reason for concern. If you have a pet snake that seems to have too much gas inside it, you should see a veterinarian to ensure that your pet isn’t in trouble. 

Are Snakes Supposed To Fart?

Snakes aren’t supposed to fart often. They’re strict carnivores, and farting is mainly caused by the gasses produced when the bacteria in the gut process plant-based products.

This is why passing gas is more prominent in herbivores or vegans. However, plant-based products aren’t the only cause of farting in animals.

It can also happen when people feed their pet snake meat that contains a lot of hormones or when snakes accidentally consume some type of plant.

You can find a lot of information online about what to feed your pet snake and changes you might have to make to its diet to ensure good health.

What Do Snake Farts Smell Like?

Snake farts usually don’t have an intense smell because they’re mostly passing built-up air. However, the air passes through the same organ the snake uses to urinate and defecate, which means that the air will probably carry some of that smell when exiting its body.

Snake poop or pee doesn’t smell worse or better than the body waste of most other animals, and farts of smaller animals are usually also pretty limited. There shouldn’t be a strong smell when they pass gas unless the snake ate something particularly bad or has a health issue.

If you notice increased farting and body odor from your pet snake, take it to the veterinarian. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Food goes through a fermentation process in the snake’s intestines, and digestive issues can hinder the food from breaking down completely, resulting in gas and a foul odor.

How Do Snakes Fart?

Snakes fart as most animals would. Air that manages to get through to the stomach, or gas produced during the processing of a variety of foods, passes through their digestive system and is pushed out of their body.

Do Snakes Fart Out Loud?

The hole through which snakes fart is pretty tiny, and this influences the sound of passing gas. If a lot of gas passes through the cloaca very fast, that will cause a sound. However, the amount of gas is usually not that significant if the snake is healthy, and without the pressure, the fart should be completely quiet. 

If a snake defecates and farts simultaneously, and the excretion is very liquid, there will probably be an audible sound. This might also be the case if the snake urinates and the urine is liquid, which it often isn’t when the snake doesn’t have constant access to drinking water. 

Do Snakes Fart Out of Their Mouth?

Snakes don’t fart through their mouth. They fart through their cloaca. They don’t burp either, so all air passes through their intestines out the cloaca.

You might have heard about the cloaca when learning about other animals, like different reptiles and birds. The cloaca is an organ through which animals pass urine, feces, and built-up air. It also functions as a reproductive organ.

However, a fact that might surprise you a little bit is that snakes smell using a little organ that is present in their mouth! The organ is called Jacobson’s organ, and it’s situated above their tongue. That probably would’ve been a severe issue if snakes farted from their mouths. 

If you want to learn more about the snake’s anatomy, you can find a very informative article on the Lafeber Vet website.

Other Explanations for a Bad Odor in Snakes

If you searched this question because you’ve noticed a foul body odor from your snake, there is another way to explain this.

The snake might not be farting but could be musking instead. Musking is a fear reaction to stressful situations that is more common in certain snakes but which all snake types can do. 

When musking, your snake secretes an intense-smelling liquid. It’s a natural way to ward off whatever is causing stress to the animal. The fluid is secreted through the cloaca and smells nothing like a snake fart—if the fart even causes an odor in the first place. 

Musking is also used as a way to attract a mate sometimes, but it’s more likely a fear reaction, which you should deal with if you have a pet snake. Try to find out why your snake is musking, remove any possible stress causes, and maybe contact a vet for better advice. If you’re interested in finding out more about musking, feel free to read this article.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, snakes do fart sometimes, but it isn’t common. Most of the time, the farts are quiet and odorless, but health issues can cause gas that has a more intense smell. Snakes fart out of the cloaca, a hole through which they also urinate and defecate, and that functions as a reproductive organ in some animals, like most reptiles and bird species. 

Any intense odors or behavioral changes in your pet might indicate health issues, including digestive problems. It’s also possible that you’re giving the snake the wrong food, so it’s better to contact a veterinarian. 

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