Do Snakes Have Hearts?

Almost every living animal has a heart; however, a few exceptions exist for some animals with a body that doesn’t have a structure that can fit a heart. Considering this information, one may think a snake doesn’t have a heart due to its body shape and how it expands to consume food. 

Snakes do have a heart. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to circulate oxygen or live their lives. However, their hearts are a bit different from mammals’ hearts. 

In this article, I will give you more details on a snake’s heart, such as where it’s located and how a snake’s heart operates concerning its body shape and ability to expand. 

How Many Hearts Does a Snake Have?

A snake has one three-chambered heart, usually located in the body’s upper portion. The three heart chambers are the left and right atria and the center ventricle

A snake’s heart is not bound to one spot, giving the snake the ability to expand its body when eating larger prey. Having only three chambers in their hearts instead of four helps snakes as the smaller size makes it easier for them to move the heart around

Snakes have a three-chambered heart because they and other smaller reptiles have adapted to need less oxygen than mammals, birds, and large reptiles like crocodiles. Snake hearts can also change sizes, usually soon after they’ve eaten. This helps them digest their meal. 

A snake’s organs are lined up throughout the length of the body in a linear fashion, according to Animals How Stuff Works. A human has two lungs that are basically side by side in the chest area. A snake’s organs are not like this. The left lung comes first, then the heart, then the right lung, and so forth down the length of its body.

For a mammal, the heart pumps blood in one direction through the body. According to Kingdom Vets, reptiles such as snakes’ hearts can change the direction of their blood flow if they run low on oxygen. 

Do Snakes Have 2 Hearts?

Snakes do not have two hearts. However, some animals have multiple hearts, such as an octopus and squid – they have three hearts. A snake breeder in Florida did hatch a two-headed snake that also had two hearts, but scientists believe that they’re actually twin snakes with fused skin.

Octopuses and squid have multiple hearts because of their unique physiology and environment and because their blood is too thick to be pumped by a single heart. A snake’s body doesn’t need or have room for more than one heart. 

Do Snakes Have 7 Hearts?

Snakes do not have seven hearts; they only have one. Several animals have multiple hearts, like octopuses and squid, which have three hearts each. Some animals, like starfish, don’t have hearts at all, while others, like cockroaches, have one heart with thirteen chambers. 

Is There Heart In Snake?

A snake has a true heart, but when it comes to emotions, snakes don’t really have those. Pet snakes won’t form a bond with a pet owner and won’t create a bond with their young either. Any reaction they have is based on instinct. 

So, snakes aren’t capable of love. Although they are intelligent creatures when it comes to instinct and survival, they do not form bonds like domesticated animals like cats and dogs. Snakes may be trained to accept handling and will not be aggressive to their owners unless provoked. 

Where is the Heart of Snake?

A snake’s heart can move around within the body for the body to expand, so even though it is usually found on the upper body towards the head, this is not always the case. 

A snake’s heart is usually found about ¼ of the way down its body, and it can move its heart to about halfway down its body. Snakes that primarily spend their time in trees tend to have hearts closer to their head, while snakes that live on the ground will have hearts further from the head. 

The heart is close to the head when a snake is climbing trees because it will help with the pull of gravity. It makes it easier for the snake to climb things with a balance of weight. When a snake lives on the ground, this doesn’t matter as much, so the heart can be farther away, 


Snakes have one heart that consists of three chambers. A snake’s heart is not bound to one spot so that it can move slightly as needed. Their heart is usually in the upper portion of their body closer to the head, but how close depends on the snake’s living situation. 

A snake’s organs are lined up along the length of its body, which is different from our organs, to allow the snake to shift them around as necessary. 

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