Setting Up a Corn Snake Tank: Everything You Need to Know

Have you been wanting to set up a tank for your corn snake but need help figuring out where to start? Getting a suitable habitat is essential for your pet’s health and happiness – so here’s how to do it.

A corn snake tank should provide an environment that mimics the natural habitat of a wild corn snake. The best tank is a large plastic-lidded tub or glass vivarium in the corner of the room near a window. For humidity, you should mist the tank every day or two.

With the correct setup, a corn snake tank can provide your reptilian friend with a safe and enjoyable environment to explore, where they can feel comfortable and grow. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know in greater detail.

What Temperature Should a Corn Snake Tank Be?

The ideal temperature inside a corn snake tank is between 75 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (24-28 degrees Celsius). If you need to adjust the temperature, use an aquarium heater, a thermostat, and a thermometer. 

You can also use an under-tank heat mat to maintain a consistent temperature. Alternatively, put your tank in an area of the room that’s consistently warm enough for your snake.

What Humidity Does a Corn Snake Need?

The humidity levels in a corn snake tank should be between 45 and 55%. To keep the correct humidity level, mist the tank every day or two and use a hygrometer to monitor the levels.

Do Corn Snakes Need Humidity?

Corn snakes really do need humidity – it’s essential for their health and comfort. Without it, a corn snake can dehydrate or develop respiratory problems over time. If you don’t have a hygrometer, invest in one now so you can keep a close check on your levels.

How To Increase Humidity in Corn Snake Tank

If your tank’s humidity levels are too low, you can increase them by:

  • Adding a humidity hide
  • Adding damp sphagnum moss or a coco husk substrate
  • Adding live plants to the enclosure
  • Installing a misting system
  • Using a humidifier

What Size Tank for Corn Snake?

The size tank you’ll need for your corn snake depends on its age and size. Generally, a 20-30-gallon (75.7- to 113.56-liter) tank is suitable for an adult corn snake.

You should also provide plenty of hiding places and incorporate as much as possible to make it feel like a homey, natural habitat. This makes your corn snake feel secure and comfortable (very important!). 

What Do Corn Snakes Need in Their Tank?

In addition to the right temperature and humidity levels, your corn snake tank should include the following:

  • A secure lid
  • A large water bowl that allows them to soak themselves
  • Hides or caves
  • Proper lighting and UVB exposure
  • Branches and logs for climbing and basking on

What Is a Corn Snake’s Natural Habitat?

A corn snake’s natural habitat is in the southeastern region of the United States. They usually live in deciduous woodlands, fields, and forests with plenty of rocks or logs for shelter. 

When setting up a tank for your corn snake, try to recreate its natural environment as much as you can. Provide them with many places to hide and climb, and give them access to natural light if possible. 

Final Thoughts

The perfect environment for your corn snake is easily achieved with the proper preparation and planning. It’s important to remember that you’re not only providing a home but also allowing your pet the opportunity to explore its surroundings, feel comfortable, and thrive. 

As guardians of any animal, it’s our responsibility to ensure they live in an enriching environment, so take the time to create a safe space that provides all these elements. By doing that, you’ll give them a happy and healthy life!

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