Top 6 Leopard Gecko Hammocks for Your Pet’s Comfort and Joy

Pet leopard geckos are a popular reptile species choice owing to their docile and easy-maintenance nature. These geckos remain active in the wild. In captivity, providing various accessories will keep the lizard active and alleviate boredom. Hammocks are some items you can choose to add to the gecko’s habitat. But,

Do Leopard Geckos Like Hammocks?

Leopard geckos do not climb since they are terrestrial. Even so, they love to hang on accessories such as hammocks and, at times, swing on them. It helps alleviate boredom while keeping your pet leopard gecko active.

Reptile hammocks are an excellent way to give your pet leopard gecko a place to explore and rest. While hammocks are a perfect addition to the leopard gecko’s tank, not all are ideal for the pet reptile. Choosing the right type and brand is essential to provide comfort and safety to your leopard gecko.

Top 6 Best Hammocks for Leopard Geckos

We have researched and compiled the best leopard gecko hammocks you can get for the pet lizard. The below vary in size, color, and fabric to ensure that you get something that fits your gecko’s needs.

1.     PINVNBY Reptile Lizard Lounger

PINVNBY Bearded Dragon Hammock,Reptile Lizard Lounger Natural Seagrass Habitat Decoration Reptiles Tank Accessories Jungle Climber Vines Flexible Leaves Climbing Decor for Gecko Chameleon Snakes

$19.59  in stock
as of 12/07/2023 8:44 am

This comfortable and easy-to-climb lounger is ideal for leopard geckos and other pet reptiles. It features 100% natural seagrass fiber and is handwoven, making it pretty durable. The rough texture comes in handy when the leopard gecko sheds its skin.

In terms of stability, the package comes with four solid and big suction cups plus leather strings for attaching to the tank. PINVNBY lizard lounger measures 29.52 by 7.58 inches. Remember to check the measurements of your leopard gecko tank to confirm that this hammock will fit perfectly.

Worth noting is that it is rectangular and comes with artificial, bendable branches that can enhance the appeal of the enclosure, although leopard geckos do not climb branches well. The hammock is easy to clean, but you should ensure that you wash it weekly since it can get moldy if left unclean for a long time. On the downside, the mesh holes are big, which can be risky for leopard geckos, especially their toes.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • It has a stylish design
  • Long-lasting
  • It aids shedding


  • It can get moldy if not cleaned weekly

2.     Niteangel Hammock Reptile Lounger

Niteangel Bearded Dragon Hammock Reptile Lounger for Chameleon, Lizards, Gecko, Snakes, Lguana Reptiles, Geckos (Triangle 17'' x 12.5'')

 in stock
as of 12/07/2023 8:44 am

Niteangel reptile lounger is triangular and measures 17 by 12.5 by 12.5 inches. It also comes in 3 sizes; a small rectangular, medium triangular, and big rectangular hammock. The size variety allows you to choose what is suitable for your pet leopard gecko’s tank size.

The handwoven seaweed is strong but still soft, protecting your gecko’s skin. It is also all-natural; hence your leopard gecko is not exposed to chemicals. The material is also great as it does not overheat; therefore, it will not burn your leopard gecko. In addition, seaweed material is suitable for helping leopard geckos with the shedding process.

Besides, it features leather strings that enhance the sturdiness of the suction cups the hammock comes with. You get such quality features at a pocket-friendly price. In terms of sturdiness, the Niteangel hammock is sturdy enough to handle a 500 grams leopard gecko comfortably.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Sturdy and soft
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for adult leopard geckos


  • It is heavy

3.     ADOGGYGO Lizard Hammock

ADOGGYGO Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash Harness Hammock Set - 2 Pack Lizard Hammock Lounger + 3 Pack Bearded Dragon Harness for Bearded Dragon Reptiles (Classic Wing Leash&Hammock)

$12.99  in stock
as of 12/07/2023 8:44 am

If you have a green theme for your pet gecko’s habitat, this ADOGGYGO hammock for pet reptiles, such as leopard geckos, will be a perfect match. It has a camouflage color fabric that easily matches other accessories in the tank. You also get to choose between black or white fabrics featuring floral decorations. You can also get this in pink if you prefer a plain-colored leopard gecko hammock.

ADOGGYGO reptile hammock comes in a breathable, long-lasting nylon fabric giving value for the money. Its triangular shape measures 13 by 13 by 19 inches. Another quality feature is that it comes as a pack of 2 that can help create a multi-level setup for the gecko.

The three sturdy suction cups included in the packaging enable you to attach the hammock to the sides of the enclosure but might require reinforcement depending on the size of your gecko. It is machine-wash-friendly, thus easy to wash, saving you a lot of time. Unlike the previous hammock, the mesh of this ADOGGYGO hammock is pretty tiny, so your leopard gecko’s toes will not get stuck.


  • Machine washable
  • Breathable, lightweight fabric
  • Features camouflage color
  • Small mesh hence ideal for leopard geckos


  • Suction cups are not very strong

4.     Zoo Med Mesh Reptile Hammock

Zoo Med Mesh Reptile Hammock, 17.5-Inch

$9.15  in stock
20 new from $8.45
Free shipping
as of 12/07/2023 8:44 am

Our next pick is this soft nylon mesh hammock by Zoo Med, a famous brand among pet reptile owners. Its soft nylon fabric makes it comfortable for a leopard gecko besides not getting moldy, which is a significant risk given the level of humidity in the pet reptile’s tank. Depending on your gecko’s tank size, you can choose between a small and a large hammock.

In addition, this hammock is easy to set up, and you can quickly fix it on different sides of the enclosure. The three suction cups it comes with help facilitate a quick fix and adjustment.

The Zoo Med mesh hammock comes in a green color and triangular shape. You will also love that the brand gives a half-year warranty on this hammock. On the downside, its mesh might not be ideal for some leopard geckos as the mesh sometimes causes toes to tangle.


  • Available in big and small sizes
  • It features sturdy, durable nylon mesh
  • Does not mold
  • Easy to fix


  • Its suction cups are not very sturdy

5.     Wuhostam Natural Seagrass Triangle Hammock

BIBABLYKE Riles Hammock Bed Swing Bed for BeardedDragons Terrarium Sleeping Hammock Handwoven Hanging Bed Lizarage Accessory Cotton Rope

$11.03  in stock
as of 12/07/2023 8:44 am

Our next leopard gecko hammock is this triangular 13 by 13-inch hammock by Wuhostam, which makes some of the most popular lights and basking lamps for pet reptiles. Their hammock comes as a set of 2 and is made of pure natural seagrass fibers. Besides being durable, this fabric is also safe and comfortable for the leopard gecko.

Furthermore, the hammock comes with two hemp ropes, eight suckers, and 12 hooks for fixing it in the gecko’s tank. Such makes it easy to attach to the tank and remove when washing or re-arranging the enclosure. Another advantage of this hammock is that it is easy to clean, though not machine washable.

Besides leopard geckos, you can also use this hammock to pet hermit crabs, bearded dragons, iguanas, and anoles.


  • Durable
  • It features 100% natural, soft seagrass yarn
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Versatile


  • The suction cups tend not to hold well

6.     PENN-PLAX Reptology Lizard Lounger

Penn-Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger Corner Triangle with Ladder– 100% Natural Seagrass Fiber – Great for Bearded Dragons, Anoles, Geckos, and Other Reptiles – Large

 in stock
9 new from $17.83
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as of 12/07/2023 8:44 am

Pen-Plax lizard lounger features 100% natural seagrass material and is handwoven. It measures about 29 by 7.5 inches and is the largest, but you can still get it in small or medium sizes. It is even more versatile as you can choose between a triangular and rectangular design. Its brown color blends well with most leopard gecko tank setups.

The four sturdy suction cups of the unit hold up the lounger well as long as the tank’s humidity remains low. For even better results, clean the suction cups with plain water before fixing them in the enclosure. As with some of the other hammocks here, this unit is pretty versatile as you can use it for other gecko species, anoles, and bearded dragons.

Another quality feature of this hammock by the award-winning brand is that it is pretty thick compared to other hammocks. Such makes it sturdier and more long-lasting. It is also pocket-friendly, but you need to know that it might grow mold if the tank’s humidity is high.


  • It fits up to adult leopard geckos
  • Made of natural, safe seagrass fiber
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Affordable


  • Cleaning it can be challenging

Buyer’s Guide: Best Leopard Gecko Hammocks

The above units are ideal for leopard geckos. To make your decision even easier, below are factors to consider to ensure the safety and comfort of your leopard gecko pet.


The perfect leopard gecko hammock needs to have a comfortable and safe material. Reptile hammocks come in various materials, such as rope, seagrass, jute, and cotton. A breathable, soft fabric like cotton or mesh is the best for your pet gecko to rest on.

To be safe, avoid abrasive or rough materials that may harm your pet’s skin or cause irritation.

Attachment Style

The mode of a hammock’s attachment to the enclosure is vital in ensuring the pet’s safety. The best hammocks come with sturdy hooks or adjustable straps that you can easily attach to the top or sides of the pet’s tank. Such helps ensure that the hammock is securely fastened and won’t fall or become dislodged while your leopard gecko is resting.


Another critical consideration is the hammock size relative to the tank size, as the hammock needs to be appropriately sized for your pet’s enclosure. A tiny hammock may not provide enough space for your leopard gecko to rest comfortably, while one that is very large may not fit appropriately in the enclosure.

Ease Of Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the hammock helps maintain the health and hygiene of your leopard gecko. To facilitate this, choose one that is easy to remove and clean, such as those that can be machine washable.

Suction Cups Weight Limit

Most hammocks come with suction cups for attachment in the enclosure. Even so, not all are sturdy, so it would be best to check the weight restriction. The weight limit of suitable suction cups should exceed your gecko’s weight.

If there is no weight limit specification, check the hammock’s reviews to see what other users have to say about the sturdiness of the suction cups. It would be best that you also inspect the suction cups regularly, as they sometimes get worn out due to the heat in the enclosure.


There are hammock options available at different price points, but it’s important to find one that meets your needs and budget.

Other Leopard Gecko Toys to Consider

Leopard geckos are not great at climbing since they are adapted to a terrestrial lifestyle. As such, it is vital to add other more accessible toys. Some of the best leopard gecko toy alternatives include;


Tunnels keep the leopard gecko active and provide it with a hiding spot when they feel threatened. Choose one that looks natural and does have sharp edges. You may also look for one with multiple holes through which the gecko can enter.

Ping Pong Balls

Ping pongs are a safe choice for leopard geckos since they are too big for the lizard to eat. Your gecko will love pushing them around and being fascinated by the colors. The balls are also easy to clean, which is vital in maintaining a hygienic environment for the pet lizard.


Playpens for pet lizards are new and haven’t been around for long. Like some hammocks, playpens come in breathable mesh but have an enclosure setup. They are ideal for taking the leopard gecko out of its primary enclosure but keeping them safe from escaping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Pet Leopard Geckos Play With?

In captivity, leopard geckos play with vines, branches, and other available accessories. They also play by chasing around insects in the enclosure. Providing additional accessories that are safe for the gecko to play with is vital since the gecko can get stressed out of boredom.

How Do I Keep My Leopard Gecko Happy?

Leopard geckos are simple creatures, and you must provide a safe, conducive environment. Give the gecko ideal insects such as crickets and roaches, provide fresh, clean drinking water, and perfect humidity and temperature settings. Keeping the gecko in a space far from noise and other pets that might scare it is also essential.

Are Geckos Good Pets?

There are various gecko species to choose from when choosing a pet. The choice depends on your preference, but most pet geckos are easy to care for and maintain, besides not growing very big. Geckos are worth considering if you are looking for a pet with such features.

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