Why is My Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing?

Owners of bearded dragons come up with the best guess on their pet’s behavior. There’s no in-depth analysis that was made to understand why bearded dragons behave this way.

The best theory is why bearded dragons do glass surfing because they want to escape their tanks. It’s their initial attempt to get out.

This theory seems to be solid and it may be one of the reasons why bearded dragons do glass surfing. Reptile experts suggest that there are a lot of different causes why beardies climb to the wall of their tank.

The reason can be the size of their enclosure. Changes to the tank or they are bored, hungry, temperature changes, and more.

When bearded dragons feel threatened or upset about something, they also change their color. Their necks will appear darker and may look black mostly on the underside.

Head bobbing is also another behavior reptiles do when they feel danger. Beardies may also run around the tank fast with arm racing motions.

In general, if your bearded dragon is glass surfing, it’s due to stress. That can also happen when it’s unhappy about something. Check the tank to see if there are changes that may occur without your knowledge.

Slight changes can make bearded dragons feel stressed right away. That will result in glass surfing or even glass scratching.

7 Reasons Why Bearded Dragon Glass Surf

1. Tank Size

Bearded dragons like to have everything to be consistent every day. They don’t like changes a lot and if it happens all of a sudden, they can get stressed.

When they are stressed, it will cause the reptile to display different behaviors. Glass surfing is one sign of stress in bearded dragons.

When your bearded dragon seems to be too large for its tank already, it can get stressed. Monitor your pet’s growth to ensure that you know when to get a bigger tank.

When the beardie feels like it’s outgrowing the tank, it can cause it to panic. That can affect the reptile’s sleep and eating habits. It can also trigger illnesses that can hurt your pet.

When your bearded dragon is already a full-grown adult, make sure the tank size should be at least 55 gallons. If it’s smaller than that, this means that it’s time to get a bigger enclosure.

If you have more than one bearded dragon, they will need 75 gallons to have enough room for both of them. Providing the right tank size will avoid stress for your pet.

2. New Tank

Bearded dragons are creatures of habit like other humans. They are not a fan of change and can get stressed.

If you recently get a new tank for your beardie, this can cause it to do glass surfing. Your pet may behave this way because it’s not used to the new tank yet. Give it time to adjust in its new enclosure.

Any changes that happen around their environment can cause stress for bearded dragons. If you need to make some changes to the tank-like adding decorations or chasing their basking and cooling areas, do this very slowly. It will help the bearded dragon to catch up with the changes if it’s done slowly.

3. Feels Bored

Bearded drains can also get bored when they don’t have enough stimulation. Aside from glass surfing, they might even feel a little jittery.

The bearded dragon also runs fast repeatedly around their tank. When you see your pet doing this, don’t worry. They might need to do something to cure their boredom.

These reptiles also like being handled by their owners. But when you seem to not provide them the attention they crave, it will start glass surfing. Bearded Dragons may even start to scratch the glass just to get your attention.

To avoid this, make sure to have some time for your pet. Take them out so they can get some exercise by walking and climbing around.

4. Hungry

When your bearded dragon suddenly feels hungry, it will flail its arms or even scratch the glass. It’s their way of reminding you about their mealtime.

They are very smart and will get your attention when it’s time to get them. It usually happens when you have a young bearded dragon. They will be going through their growth spurt and need more food.

Glass surfing can also be an indication that your bearded dragon is stressed. Although when it’s combined with digging it means that your beardie is about to lay eggs.

If you have a female beardie around 2 years old, it may be the case why it’s glass surfing. It can happen as soon as 18 months for some so keep your eyes on your pet if that’s the case.

5. Reflection

In the wild, bearded dragons are very territorial by nature. They can display frantic behaviors when they see another bearded dragon nearby.

When they see their reflection, it can cause them to do glass surfing. They will be confused to see their reflection and think it’s another bearded dragon.

This will cause the beardie to become more territorial and attempt to protect its territory around the tank.

It may look funny for humans but bearded dragons don’t know the difference between reflection from the real thing. They will think that their reflection is another reptile that is trying to get too close.

6. Changes in the Habitat

A slight change in the bearded dragon’s habitat will be noticeable to them. They are comfortable with having predictable daily lives. They can get stressed when something changes around their tank.

Even if you make insignificant changes they will still react to it. Glass surfing and other behaviors are their way of coping with the changes.

You can try to minimize this response by making slow changes. Just do this one at a time and let it get used to the new addition on the tank.

Do this slowly to allow your pet to get used to these changes. It will avoid glass surfing and other behaviors. Changes shock them easily so do it slowly and insignificant.

7. Feeling Too Warm or Too Cold

Maintaining the perfect temperature and humidity inside the tank is crucial for bearded dragons. That way, they can thermoregulate their bodies as well so stay healthy. Their basking area should stay warm between 90F to 95F. While the cooling area should be around 85F. This will avoid the beardie to feel too warm or too cold inside the tank.

What Glass Surfing Means?

Glass surfing or also known as glass dancing is a curious behavior of bearded dragons. It only means that the reptile will start to run the length of their tanks and will try to climb the glass tank sides. The bearded dragon’s belly will be pressed against the glass. They will also stand on their hind legs.

Beard dragons will usually have their arms and legs paddling quickly while trying to climb out of the tank. Seeing these moves unexpectedly may look funny for observers.

But glass surfing is usually caused by stress that the beardie may be experiencing. It may also mean that it’s trying to escape the tank.

Some beardies may be seen running around the enclosure. It will seem like it wanted to escape so badly. They will be scratching the glass which is a stress-related behavior.

Its also known as has danced since it looks like the bearded dragon is dancing. But these behaviors are stress-related for the beardie.

Is Glass Surfing Bad for Bearded Dragons?

When the bearded dragon is glass surfing, it means that it’s not happy. Although most of the reasons for glass surfing are not serious. It can be due to boredom since its lacks stimulation sometimes.

When your bearded dragon is bored, you can relieve it by handling or playing with it more often.

It’s not a serious concern if it only happens once in a while. You can resolve the bearded dragon’s boredom easily.

But when it happens every day because of boredom, it can take a toll on your pet’s health and happiness. This will be stressful for bearded dragons. If it’s unhappy, it’s bad for its health as well.

One example is if you have another pet, the bearded dragon may feel intimidated. It will begin glass surfing for a short time. Feeling intimidated can cause some problems for your reptile.

It will cause stress and if it’s dragged for too long, it can affect the beardie’s health. It’s best to solve this problem right away.

When bearded dragons glass surf because of stress or if it’s unhappy. It’s alright if your bearded dragon does this once in a while. But if your pet is always glass surfing, it’s time to find the source and resolve it quickly.

Although most of the reasons for glass surfing are not serious. It can be stopped easily to make your pet happy and healthy once again.

Will Glass Surfing Hurt Bearded Dragons?

When bearded dragons glass surf, it’s not a serious problem for them. They will not injure themselves from glass surfing. But you still have to worry about your pet since it means that it’s stressed about something.

If the bearded dragon seems to always feel stressed, it can have a negative impact on its health.

If the bearded dragon seems to still act normal even it glass surfing, there’s nothing to worry about.

But when your pet started to become lethargic, shed less than usual, or stops eating, have it checked right away. Bring your bearded rag into the very to see if it’s ill and ask for advice.

Glass surfing may not affect the bearded dragon physically if it doesn’t happen a lot. But when your pet seems to be displaying this behavior every day, it’s time to be alerted.

Glass surfing is the bearded dragon’s way to show its stress and unhappiness. You should keep an eye on your pet’s abnormal behavior. That way, you will know when to go to the vet.

How to Stop Bearded Dragons from Glass Surfing?

When your bearded again glass driving for an extended period, it can take the tool to its health. That can affect your pet’s overall well-being and will result in unhappiness.

When it keeps on glass dancing, try to solve this issue. Find the source of the problem is that your beardie will stop glass surfing.

Generally, this behavior means stress and unhappiness for your pet. Address the problem your beardie may have. If you have to make changes, you can do it slowly.

It may actually solve the issue of glass dancing. Below is the possible way to stop your bearded dragon from glass surfing.

1. Have a Bigger Tank

When the bearded dragon reached adulthood, the space it needs will be bigger. If you have it as a juvenile, that tank should be replaced.

Give your pet enough space so it can move around comfortably. It’s essential for their health and it will avoid stress on their end.

2. Get the Right Lighting

Have proper lighting set up for the enclosure. The cycles and temperatures are also important to keep the bearded rag healthy. Use a good and accurate device to record and measure humidity and temperature inside the tank.

3. Entertain Your Pet

When a bearded dragon gets bored, it will feel stressed and do glass surfing. To avoid this from happening, take it out of the enclosure and do for a walk. Spend some quality time with your pet and give it enough attention.

Allow it to play with new toys or do new activities as well. You can just take them out of the tank and handle them so your pet will be happy.

Step By Step Approach To Stop Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing

1. Check the tank size and make sure it’s between 50 to 75 gallons.

2. If you have another bearded dragon, put it in another enclosure.

3. Always check the temperature of the tank.

  • Basking Spot – 105F
  • Overall temp 90 – 95F
  • Hide spot 70 – 85F
  • Nighttime 60 – 65F

4. Always check its first and the frequency based on the type of food.

  • Adult bearded dragons – 30% insects and 70% vegetables
  • Feed protein one day, vegetables the next. Take a day off and repeat feeding.

5. You can cover the glass walls if needed.

6. Make sure that the bearded dragon is always calm and removes stressors.

7. Bathe your dragon and stroke it’s head.

8. Provide time for your pet to get used to changes on the enclosure.

9. Take it to the vet for regular checkups.

10. If you notice the behaviors below while the bearded dragon is glass surfing, take it to the vet immediately.

  • Frothing around the mouth
  • Lack of appetite for long periods
  • Visible injuries
  • Keeps on hiding
  • Immobility

What is Bearded Dragons Health Concerns About Glass Surfing?

Health issues, as well as stress, can force the bearded dragon to glass surf. The main reason behind the behavioral issues of bearded dragons is stress. It can also affect their health since they can experience other phases. That includes loss of appetite, slow or lethargic movements, and other concerns.

Go to the vet to have the bearded dragon checked at least once a month. It will ensure that there are no health issues that may harm your pet.

Avoid bearded dragons getting stressed so that their health will not be compromised. If you need to make changes to the tank, do it slowly. That will avoid your beardie from being stressed from the change.

When bearded dragons started glass surfing, it can be funny. But that means that your beardie feels stressed. It will scratch the glass as well when something is bothering it.

Observe your reptile’s behavior such as digging soil as well as glass surfing. That means that it’s ready to lay its eggs. Let it have a smooth delivery and keep it safe.

When your bearded dragon seems to be lethargic, not basking or eating, and scratching the glass, it means that it’s about to shed. But it can be caused by other illnesses so have it treated by a vet.

You should minimize the stress of your beardie. If it’s happy, that means it will also stay healthy.


Will a bearded dragon lay eggs when it’s glass surfing?

It’s possible if you have a female bearded dragon that is around 2 years old. There’s a big chance that it will lay eggs. But it’s not always true so you have to observe your pet first.

Aside from glass surfing, the female bearded dragon will dig as well if it’s about to lay eggs. Since you can’t do anything about it, allow it to go through this process.

Do baby bearded dragons glass surf?

Yes, baby bearded dragons also glass surf like the adults. They also do this for the same reasons. Baby bearded dragons may glass surf the first time you bring it home. It will have a new tank and new surroundings. The baby beardie will do glass surfing because of all the changes around it.

You should apply what you have learned to decide if your baby bearded dragon glass surf. This should pass shortly once it gets used to its environment.

But if it seems to do it more than once in a while, find the cause of it and solve the issue. That will help your baby bearded dragon to grow healthy.

Can glass surfing hurt your bearded dragon?

Most of the reasons why bearded dragons glass surfing is because they are stressed or unhappy. If you can find the reason why the beardie feels that way, you can put a stop to this behavior. Glass surfing will not hurt your bearded dragon. But some health concerns may develop if it persists for a long time.

When your bearded dragon is not eating, shedding, or lethargic, chances are, it’s sick. If that s the case, it’s best to bring it to the vet right away.

That way, it can be treated if there’s a disease that may be bothering the reptile. It’s best to ask the vet about the bearded dragon’s behavior. If it has serious illnesses, the bet can treat it immediately.

What is the ideal size of the bearded dragon habitat?

The ideal size of the terrarium for an adult bearded dragon is a 125-gallon tank. It’s the recommended tank size for adult beardies. Even if you have a can’t bearded dragon, it can grow fast.

It’s better to prepare a large terrarium for your pet. You can also go for a glass enclosure so your beardie will have visual stimulation to prevent stress.

Do bearded dragons like to be handled?

Yes, bearded dragons love to be handled and give your undivided attention to them. If you don’t handle your beardie regularly, it will feel stressful. That can happen when cleanings and maintenance on the enclosure are being done.

Make sure to have some time daily to play and handle your beardie. Give them a place they can walk around safely.

Is the bearded dragon sick if it’s scratching the glass?

When bearded dragon scratches or glass surfing, it doesn’t always mean it’s sick. But if your pet is showing other symptoms other than glass surfing, see a vet immediately.

Behaviors such as not basking, lethargic, or not eating, are symptoms of an illness. It can happen if your beardie has parasites or it’s ready to shed. Have a regular checkup with the vet to keep your beardie healthy.

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